DIAdem 2015 64-Bit Release Notes


Version 15.0.0

July 2015

This file contains information on DIAdem 2015 64-bit:


System Requirements

Notes on DIAdem 2015

Compatibility of DIAdem 2015 64-Bit and DIAdem 2014

Product Security and Critical Updates

New Features in DIAdem 2015

Availability of the 32-Bit Version of DIAdem

Availability of the Old REPORT Script Interface

Bug Fixes

Accessing the Help

Finding Examples

Automating the Installation of NI Products

How to Use NI Software with Microsoft Windows 8.x

NI Software Support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003

Legal Information

DIAdem 2015 (32 Bit) Release Notes


DIAdem is the National Instruments software for analyzing and documenting data from various sources.

System Requirements

For correct DIAdem performance, the following minimum requirements must be met:


CPU x64 compatible processor, 1.6 GHz or more
Amount of memory 2 GB or more
Hard disk memory Depending on the operating system, up to 2.8 GB free storage space, of which at least 1.8 GB on the system partition
Video card Color depth at least 16-bit (High Color), 24-bit, or 32-bit (True Color) recommended
Screen resolution At least 1024x768

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack1

  • Windows Server 2012 R2

Note  DIAdem runs only with restrictions on the N or KN edition of Windows because the multimedia support is missing. You can obtain this as "Media Feature Pack" from Microsoft and install it later.
Under Windows Server 2012 R2 you cannot play videos in DIAdem VIEW.


Firewall The firewall displays warnings while DIAdem installs and while DIAdem launches, for the following reasons:
The usireg component executes during the installation of DataPlugins. The DataFinder, which you use for searching and navigating in files, then starts. When DIAdem launches, a DNS query determines whether to license locally or whether to use a license server.

If you want to be able to use all the DIAdem functions, National Instruments recommends that you select "Do not block" for all programs listed. This also applies when you want to evaluate DIAdem. Refer to ni.com/info under the info code winxpsp2.

Windows User Rights DIAdem and its components are basically executable under the preconfigured Microsoft Windows user accounts from User upwards. DIAdem must be installed with complete administrator rights.

If you operate various DIAdem versions on one computer, you only have the entire range of functions in each version if you have administrator rights.


  • Internet Explorer: For the map display in DIAdem VIEW and DIAdem DAC you need the Internet Explorer from version 10.
  • Recommended:
    - Adobe Reader to display manual files
    - Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Internet Explorer to display the tutorials

Notes on DIAdem 2015 64-Bit

  • DIAdem 2015 64-bit can be installed in addition to a possible DIAdem 2015 32-bit version and does not influence the 32-bit version. You can execute both versions at the same time and uninstall them separately. However, you cannot drag and drop data channels between the versions or exchange data channels through the clipboard.
  • DIAdem 2015 64-bit does not support any settings that make this version compatible with earlier 32-bit DIAdem versions. Therefore the Compatibility dialog box in Settings» DIAdem Settings is currently disabled and the following variables no longer exist: ForceDynStorage, ChnNameOver, ChnNamingMode, EqualBaseNaming, NaviWFImport, WizREPORTIdxGen, SlashNoCtrlChar, ToolInVBSSyntax, UseNIFFT, WriteResToChn, CompResChnNaming, TXTObjStdMode, HideRegisterProp, CompD3ScaleFrame, UseNoValueOnCalcError, SaveRegisterProp , and GroupRelatedChannelOrdering.
  • DIAdem Version 9.0 and LabVIEW Version 7.1, and later versions, use a shared software component that is updated when you install DIAdem. When you uninstall DIAdem, the current version of the shared component remains. This is intentional and has been tested extensively.
    The installation functions were tested parallel to earlier DIAdem versions down to DIAdem 11.0.
  • For the DataFinder in DIAdem 2015, any index files from earlier DIAdem versions must be regenerated. This occurs automatically when you launch DIAdem. Depending on how many files are to be indexed, this may take quite some time.
  • It is strongly recommended that you install DIAdem in the suggested folders on Windows 7 or later Windows versions, or that you specify the folder exclusively in the path selection dialog box in the setup program. In particular, changing the suggested program path manually in the installation program can cause problems in DIAdem.
  • If you change the size of the text displayed on the screen (DPI scale), for example, from 100% to 150%, under Windows 8.1 and you do not restart the computer, display errors might occur in the curve selection in DIAdem REPORT and DIAdem VIEW.
  • To activate DIAdem 2012 and later versions, you must create a user profile on ni.com. The evaluation period is now 7 days without a user profile. If you create a user profile, this period is extended by 45 days.
  • When loading a DAC block diagram, DIAdem now checks whether the block diagram contains outdated blocks. The block diagram can still run with these blocks, however the outdated blocks are identified with a label. Please replace these by up-to-date blocks because in future versions the earlier blocks will no longer be supported.
  • In order to use the following DIAdem drivers the following NI software components must be installed:
    Driver Components Version
    ADCS Automotive Diagnostic Command Set >= 1.1.1
    DAQmx driver NI-DAQmx >= 9.4
    ECU MC ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit >= 2.3.1
    XNET NI-XNET >= 1.3.0
  • If you enter a point at the object-oriented interface in the script editor, you might have to wait several seconds until the respective selection list displays.

Compatibility of DIAdem 2015 64-Bit and DIAdem 2015 32 -Bit

  • The GPI extension GfSODBC.DLL is no longer available. Use the ADO interface in DIAdem instead. Refer to ADO in the online help for more information.
  • GPI file filters are no longer available. Therefore the following filters are no longer available:
    GfSACSII.DLL: Use the DataPlugin wizard for text files instead.
    GFSDBase.DLL: Use the ADO interface in DIAdem instead. Refer to ADO in the online help for more information.
    GfSDif.DLL: This outdated format is no longer supported.
    GfSExcel.DLL: Use the Excel DataPlugin Wizard instead.
    GfSMME.DLL: Use the MME Import DataPlugin instead.
    GfSNCode.DLL:  Use one of the DataPlugins for nCode formats instead.
    GfSRPC3.DLL: Use the RPC_III DataPlugin instead.
    GfSTeac.DLL: Use one of the TEAC_* DataPlugins instead.
    GfSWave.DLL: Use the DIAdem default audio DataPlugin instead.
    GfSTDF.DLL: Use the TDF DataPlugin instead.
  • The SQL DataPlugin is no longer available. Use the ADO interface in DIAdem instead. Refer to ADO in the online help for more information.
  • The data stores LabVIEW DSC and Lookout have been removed because the fundamental LabVIEW DSC component is not available in 64-bit.
  • The AOP3 DataPlugin is no longer available. Use the AOP5 DataPlugin instead.
  • The 64-bit version calculates floating point expressions differently to the 32-bit version. Therefore the last decimal places might differ between the two versions. Usually the results of the 64-bit version are more accurate.
  • The connection to the LabVIEW MathScript functions was removed because MathScript is no longer available in LabVIEW 64-bit.
  • Microsoft MapPoint is no longer supported because MapPoint is not available as a 64-bit version.
  • The NI-DAQ driver no longer supports the NI Traditional DAQ Library because this component is not available as a 64-bit version.
  • The DIAdem DAC driver NI-CAN is no longer supported because the fundamental library is not available as 64-bit version. Use the NI-XNET driver instead.
  • Not all C++ -DataPlugins are available as a 64-bit version. Visit the DataPlugin website www.ni.com/dataplugins to check which DataPlugin is available as a 64-bit version.

Compatibility of DIAdem 2015 to DIAdem 2014

  • The optional timeout parameter of the ConnectDataFinderByParameter command is now specified in seconds (previously milliseconds). If you want to use these parameters in scripts, you must adapt these scripts.
  • The ANALYSIS function Sort Channel Values and the associated script command ChnMultipleSortExt now use a robust sorting algorithm so that the order of consecutive identical values does not change.
  • The ANALYSIS function AC-/DC Coupling and the associated script command ChnACDCCoupling generate the property ResultDCLevel of the result channel instead of the DCLevel property.
  • The FILES DataPlugin is no longer available. The MyComputer data store is replaced by the default data store Computer.
  • The NI-ODS commands are no longer available. Use the object-oriented script interface in DIAdem NAVIGATOR for this function. Refer to DataStore in the online help for more information.
  • The ChnNamingMode variable is not available in DIAdem 2015. DIAdem always uses channel names that are unique within a channel group.
  • DIAdem DAC only supports GPIB boards from National Instruments. The other previously supported GPIB boards are based on outdated hardware interfaces.
  • When you renamed block names, all block signals used to be renamed in accordance with the new block name.
    From DIAdem 2015 all existing signals keep their names. If you create further signals, their names are formed on the basis of the new block name.
  • The DIAdem DAC packet block Frequency Weighting (A- ,B- ,C-Filtering) uses more accurate algorithms which undershoot the valid deviations from the ideal filter characteristic line considerably. The results of the packet block now correspond with results of the frequency weighting in DIAdem ANALYSIS and LabVIEW. There are small deviations to the results of earlier versions of the packet block.
  • The menus in DIAdem 2015 now use the BarManager technology. This means that in DIAdem 2015 and later versions, the bar definition of the BarManager contains the menu bars and that the menu bars must be changed by the BarManager object and not by MenuItem commands. The MenuItem commands still work but their functionality can differ from previous behavior. The help pages of the respective commands contain further information. Moreover, in DIAdem-ANALYSIS the submenu Basic » Channel Functions was moved to the main menu bar between the Basic and the Curve Fitting menus, in order to reflect the order in the function group bar.
  • Due to the change of the menus to the BarManager technology, the bar definition files (*.bdn) DIAdem 2015 creates are not compatible to earlier versions. If you load such a BDN file in a version prior to DIAdem 2015, the displays are not correct.

Product Security and Critical Updates

Visit ni.com/security to view and subscribe in order to receive security notifications about National Instruments products. Visit ni.com/critical-updates for information about critical updates from National Instruments.

Availability of the 32-Bit Version of DIAdem

The 32-bit version of DIAdem will only be enhanced up to and including DIAdem 2016. As of DIAdem 2017 enhancements will only be made in the 64-bit version.

Availability of the Old REPORT Script Interface

The old script interface for accessing REPORT objects through GraphObjOpen and GraphObjClose will only be supported up to and including DIAdem 2017. As of DIAdem 2018 you must use the object-oriented script interface in DIAdem REPORT.

New Features in DIAdem 2015


The menus in DIAdem now use the BarManager technology. This facilitates the uniform configuration of all bars. In addition the menus can now display symbols.

DIAdem supports DPI scaling at many locations. Thus, symbols and text are also displayed correctly when the DPI settings change.

The DSC-API extensions facilitate the vehicle diagnosis in line with international standards. DIAdem supports 11-bit and also 29-bit CAN identifiers.

DIAdem NAVIGATOR, DataFinder, Data Portal

The Bus Log Converter also supports SoMat-SIE logfiles and Vector-MDF4 logfiles.

The Bus Log Converter also supports database files with the J1939 mode.

In the Bus Log Converter you can specify the bus number and also the bus type.

With the new column-oriented search you can search for selected properties of the file, channel group, or channel. You can then load the search results with the property values column-wise as channels into the Data Portal. A column-oriented search returns search results faster than the search for elements because DIAdem only returns the specified properties from the search and does not have to return all the properties of the data elements.

With the load data function, similar data from serial measurements can be merged. In the process, DIAdem appends the data you want to load to existing channels in the Data Portal instead of storing the data in new channels.

In the DataPlugin wizard for text files the data type can be specified automatically for the loading time.

In the DataPlugin wizard for text files, identifiers can be specified for the file format.

The list of DataFinders in NAVIGATOR now contains registered federations and ASAM DataFinders.

The script interface for internal data also supports block operations.

The NAVIGATOR Script-API makes it possible to create a list of DataStore objects.


DIAdem VIEW contains the new display mode Cascade. With this display mode you can display waterfalls and calculate and display order lines.

In DIAdem you can synchronize the channel table with the cursor. DIAdem highlights the rows in the channel table which correspond to the points you selected with the cursor in the curve of a different area.

You can use the context menu to rename areas.


The new channel function Synchronize Data from Different Files removes any offset and, if necessary, maps channels onto a new time channel in order to synchronize channels of different files.

The new channel function Optimize Data Type rounds channel values in order to optimize them to save memory space.

The new function Rounding rounds values in data channels.

The new crash function BrIC calculates the Rational Brain Injury Criterion.

The new Event Search functions use a free formula to check channels for specific events. You can use operators such as < and >,  and Boolean operations such as AND and OR.

The function ChnFind can now calculate with symbol names replaced by values in the formula.


To design a layout, REPORT objects can be grouped.

Text can be rotated in comments. The frames of comments and rectangles can be configured separately.

Values in 2D tables can be sorted.

Bars in 3D axis systems can be displayed with filled surfaces.

The plane's grid lines in 3D axis systems can be configured separately.

Interpolation methods for the characteristic diagram display have been extended.


DIAdem DAC assigns the signals to be connected to the terminals of a block in the name-oriented mode.

The number of configurable outputs has been raised to 200.

DIAdem provides a dialog box with possible formats at places where you can enter numeric formats.

With the new block Scatter you can display the dependencies of two data signals as a scatter plot.

With the new block Video you can integrate the live image of the selected video camera into the visualization and record the video.

Use the new blocks Write to Buffer, Read from Buffer, and Buffer Monitor to buffer data from non real-time sources and to use this data later as a real-time signal in the block diagram.

With the NI-DAQMX driver you can call TEDS properties. Additionally you can display a defined end value at the end of the measurement.

The ECU MC driver recognizes if a connection is aborted and then tries to establish a new connection.


Use the new script profiler to measure and analyze the runtime of a script or the execution times of individual script statements. The script profiler is an analysis tool with which you detect time-consuming commands and statements and which helps you optimize your script.

The object-oriented script interface of the DataFinder Manager is new.

The object-oriented script interfaces for the Data Portal, for DIAdem NAVIGATOR, for the Bus Log Convertor, for DIAdem VIEW, for DIAdem REPORT, and for the internal data have been extended. Refer to "DIAdem > List of New Commands, Variables, Objects, Properties, Methods, and Events" in the help for further information.

Bug Fixes

The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed in DIAdem 2015. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current DIAdem version. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. The DIAdem Knowledgebase contains a list of fixed issues from earlier DIAdem versions under the search term Fixed Issues.

CAR IDDescription


473745If you exit DIAdem in the full screen mode, it is difficult to change the window position when you relaunch the program.
488538In the Japanese version the menus cannot be used in certain operating systems.
490424If DIAdem is started out of Citrix, the parallel processing does not work.
510109The Exit dialog box saves DIAdem REPORT and DIAdem DAC files with the automatically generated name NoName to the wrong folder.
517828In the units catalog the unit cm^2 has the factor 0.01 instead of 0.0001.

Data Portal

473742If you assign an existing block name to a block, DIAdem does not display an error message and keeps the old name.
483571If you want to rename a custom property in the Data Portal, it is not possible if the custom property has the value NoValue.
487798It lasts a long time to open a large amount of channel groups in the Data Portal.
517994The FindByDefinition method for AssignmentList <Data> does not find the assignment text if the setting "Specify intervals" is enabled in the assignment dialog box and the assignment interval contains negative values.


300131The Excel DataPlugin wizard does not display empty worksheets. Therefore DIAdem does not generate empty channel groups from the names of these worksheets.
464487If texts from an ATFX file are saved in a binary component file, the DataPlugin cannot read these texts.
479465Under certain circumstances the Bus Log Converter uses an incorrect configuration when converting bus log files with different bus types but the same bus names.
481886If a FIBEX cluster only contains PDUs, Bus Log Converter aborts the conversion with an error message.
487966In the ConnectDataFinderByParameter method for Navigator DIAdem processes the limits for exceeding the time in milliseconds and not in seconds.
491907If you do not assign a value manually to the wf_start_offset property, the DataPlugin Wizard for text files sets the value of this property to the value 1 instead of 0.
495317If you register scaled channels of a DAT file containing NoValues or load them with the loader "Load bulk data when changing channel data" and then save them as a TDM file, the saved channels are not complete.
507115The files created by the DataFinderIndexJobFileCreate command are corrupt.
507303The Bus Log Convertor cannot find the frames if the assignment occurs over the PGN of the Canld in a signal description file.
512052When saving values of a Real 32 type in a DAT file with the data type "Automatic“ or "Real32“, DIAdem truncates the decimal places.
514529Under specific circumstances, the DataFinder deletes 0-byte sized TDMS files during indexing.
523043The selection of cluster of the Fibex database files does not work correctly in the Bus Log Converter. DIAdem only includes odd cluster.


414892After the reduction of the channel length, the flags of no longer existing channel values are not deleted.
478504If you change the sensor angle (not equal to 0° and 90°) in the display types "Orbit" and "Shaft Centerline" in order to rotate a curve and then hide this curve, the legend displays the original channel values instead of hiding these values.
478508In the display types "Orbit" and "Shaft Centerline" DIAdem only displays the free text in the legend if you specify 0° for the angle of the x-sensor and 90° for the angle of the y-sensor.
479136When the layout is transferred to DIAdem REPORT, an error occurs when the VIEW layout contains a non-specified 3D model.
480461The new display types "Bode", "Orbit", and "Shaft Centerline" in VIEW and some new functions in ANALYSIS can already be used in the Base edition as well as in the Advanced or the Professional edition.
485131In 2D axis systems DIAdem cannot display logarithmic axis scalings for the x-axis.
486071In the display dialog box of the VIEW display type contour and in the dialog box of the 3D curve parameters in REPORT the color values of the contour values are sometimes not displayed.
486348Under certain circumstances, DIAdem plots extra curves when setting the flags for all displayed curves.
487051If the input channel for the orbit display type contains NoValues, DIAdem does not center the curve.
488792If you change the DPI setting under Windows 8.1 without reregistering under Windows, DIAdem plots extra curves.
494062If you add a non-existing channel to a 2D axis system in a script, DIAdem crashes.
499392The function "Go to Channel Value / Find Channel Value" does not always find the specified value due to rounding issues.
508972In polar axis systems it is not possible to move the curve cursor along the entire curve when angles are negative.
518249If you first call the method RemoveAll for 2DCurves and then call the method Add for 2DCurves, DIAdem may crash in certain circumstances.
521946When loading certain VRML files, DIAdem crashes.
523425If you change the size of the text displayed on the screen (DPI scale), for example, from 100% to 150%, under Windows 8.1 and you do not restart the computer, additional curves might be displayed in 2D axis systems.
524156If the file path of a layout contains a & character, you cannot save this file or open it through "Recent Files".
528466If you load a layout with background segments, and then load the associated data, you must refresh for DIAdem to display the background segments.


480032The "Sort Channel Values" dialog box does not show whether the control channels will be sorted. In addition it is not possible to sort a single channel because at least one more channel must be specified for sorting.
484993The ChnOrderBodeCalc command does not display the result channels in the DIAdem specific order.
494555If an interpolation channel, which is longer than a time channel, is specified in the ChnResampleChnBased command, DIAdem generates a results channel which is shorter than the interpolation channel.


383000If you use the %(/yPosition) setting, DIAdem does not position the points in 3D axis systems correctly.
478235The curve legend does not show markers for the curves in the display mode "special combination".
479525DIAdem ignores the setting "Portion of symbol field" in the dialog box "Legend: Size".
479527In 2D tables DIAdem ignores the sorting of expanded curves.
479528In the "Curve and Axis Definition » Y-Scaling" dialog box of a 2D axis system in REPORT you cannot set the parameters for additional y-axes if you select manual scaling.
479529Sometimes DIAdem plots texts with expression multiple times.
479782If you click the button with the three dots next to the unit setting in the "Curve and Axis Definition : Axis Parameters » X-Scaling" or "Y-Scaling", DIAdem reported a message if you did not enter a unit and did not define a curve.
479844DIAdem does not evaluate DIAdem expressions in very old layout files with text objects correctly.
480708DIAdem does not save the value for the manual gradation of a hyperbola of a 3D characteristic diagram with the layout.
483230DIAdem displays texts incorrectly in the text object when they contain single @ characters.
484042The predefined settings of the graphics dialog box in DIAdem REPORT are not available.
484085If you have many points, the display of a 3D characteristic diagram takes too long.
484341If move lines in the "3D Axis Definition" dialog box with "Move Entry Up" or "Move Entry Down" and then change a channel reference, the channel assignment is incorrect.
484762In layouts which use 3D isolines with curve expansion errors might occur in the curve labeling texts.
484995In special cases the curve dialog box of an expanded 3D curve displays an error message.
484999In a 3D axis system with characteristic diagram and partial load DIAdem does not map the convex hull completely.
486070Sometimes the isolines in the characteristic diagram are not displayed smoothed.
486775If you change from automatic to manual axis scaling in a 2D axis system display and close the "Curve and Axis Definition" dialog box with "Cancel", the manual axis scaling might be lost.
486947The setting "Same color as label" cannot be used for the marker color in the characteristic diagram in DIAdem REPORT.
492727In multiline texts with subscript and superscript, DIAdem does not align the lines flush left.
492968If you change back and forth between several REPORT pages, DIAdem does not correctly disable the symbols for changing the table pages on the toolbar.
499185If a curve in a 2D axis system contains only one point, DIAdem does not scale the y-axis correctly in the automatic scaling mode.
499590Additional y-axes in 2D axis systems can be reduced but not enlarged or shifted vertically.
504859When refreshing the screen, tables and table text may be slightly offset.
505954In a 3D axis system with a characteristic diagram and partial load structure DIAdem displays the y-value of the mean partial load values incorrectly.
506139In a 3D axis system with a differential characteristic diagram DIAdem displays the minimum and maximum value incorrectly.
506823If channels with different x-ranges are assigned to sub-axes in a 2D axis system with sub-axes and automatically scaled x-axis, DIAdem scales the display incorrectly.
507134If you cancel the settings dialog box of a 2D table, the font settings might change.
507274Under certain circumstances the function which aligns the spaces resorts the object order.
510449It is not possible to generate a curve snippet with the CurveSnippet command if the call contains the variable D2TabRow.
511881If you change tabs in a layout with expanding curves, the program may crash.
512231If you select the channel group as curve end label in 2D axis systems, which use the expanding mode, DIAdem displays a wrong text.
512796DIAdem only displays one characteristic diagram if several characteristic diagrams are to be displayed but the z-area of these characteristic diagrams differs immensely.
512966Under certain circumstances DIAdem may crash when copying a curve in 2D axis systems, which use the expanding mode.
513099DIAdem does not reset the line properties in the Curve Expansion dialog box if you cancel the dialog box.
514046In 2D axis systems with isomectric axis adjustment you cannot move a curve comment to the specified position.
514830In the dialog box for 2D axis systems, you cannot select the user-defined axis scaling for the x-axis.
516429In a 3D axis system with characteristic diagram, DIAdem does not plot grid lines if only isolines are displayed.
516798DIAdem crashes if you call the method ExportToHTML for Worksheets with a filename but without the path.
517996DIAdem does not display a characteristic diagram if several characteristic diagrams are to be displayed but one characteristic diagram generates an error.
519056DIAdem crashes when the setting "Determine automatically" and "Colors from contour table" are selected in the dialog box "Curve Parameter: Characteristic diagram» Isolines » General" in a 3D axis system.
527656If you use the command CurveSnippet to create a curve snippet in a 2D table, these curve snippets are not displayed in sorted tables.
528467Trying to delete REPORT pages leads to a program crash.


473739If an RMT file from an earlier measurement with an online accessible DAT file exists, which is no longer used, an error occurs when a new measurement starts with a DAT file which can be accessed online.
479851You cannot connect a control bus to the "Save in Variables" block.
480895Previous block diagram files to not automatically change the IEC bus interface when the IEC bus interface saved in the block diagram is no longer available under the current operating system.
481836When measuring with the NI-DAQmx driver, DIAdem saves wrong values for some channel properties.
484081Saving the TEDS sensor information in custom properties does not function correctly during a measurement.
487524The packet processing block Digital Filter calculates incorrectly when using FIR filters with Kaiser window.
490852In one of the dialog boxes of ECU, the list of selection terms for the transport layer is incorrect in the English and Japanese version.
490858If you use several DSA boards, the synchronization does not work in measurements with the NI-DAQmx driver.
494578The processing functions of the script driver return incorrect values at the first call.
495587If you replace acquisition, output, or processing blocks in a block diagram with the respective blocks of the script driver, DIAdem might crash when the measurement starts.
496786The digit and table display in VISUAL ignores the selected background color if you disable the frame around the values.
500478If a measurement is started with the ECU-MC driver, DIAdem does not overwrite the communication parameters from the A2L file (CAN, TCP/IP, UDP) with the parameters specified in the dialog box. You cannot change the station address (CCP) either.
506381Under certain circumstances DIAdem does not read in the result list of the ECU correctly after a A2L file is changed.
508262When saving a block diagram, which uses the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit, DIAdem does not save the position of the windows in which DIAdem displays the CAN raw data.
508301In the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit driver, DIAdem transfers a manually set IP address wrongly to the toolkit.
508302On Windows XP you cannot open the dialog box to select an A2L file in the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit if no A2L file was entered previously.
513105The offset correction block specifies the wrong offsets in the hardware clock for several channels that are to be corrected.
513866In the Bus Configuration dialog box of the NI-XNET driver, the Edit button to edit the database does not work.
516443When measuring with the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit, DIAdem ignores the manual settings of the DTO ID with which you configure the DAQ list.
519906The Parse method of the UDI interface displays an invalid format specification when the "%ad" format has a length specification.
530008An access violation occurs in DIAdem if you start a block diagram that contains the "Execute Application" block.

Accessing the Help

For more information on DIAdem, go to the DIAdem help Help»Contents.

Finding Examples

Use Help»Examples in DIAdem to start the DIAdem ExampleFinder. You can find DIAdem examples in the examples directory below the program directory. You can modify examples to suit your needs, or you can copy and paste parts of the examples into your own files.

Automating the Installation of NI Products

You can automate the installation of most NI products using command-line arguments to suppress some or all of the installer user interface and dialog boxes. However, starting with the August 2012 releases (products using NI Installers version 3.1 or later), you may need to perform additional steps before or during a silent installation of NI software.

If the NI product you are installing uses Microsoft .NET 4.0, the .NET installer may run before any NI software installs and may require a reboot before the installation of NI software begins. To avoid a .NET reboot, install .NET 4.0 separately before you install NI software.

For more information, refer to the following KnowledgeBase articles:

How to Use NI Software with Microsoft Windows 8.x

When you install National Instruments software on Microsoft Windows 8.x, you will notice a few additional tiles in the Apps view, including shortcuts to NI application software products such as NI LabVIEW, Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX), and NI Launcher.

Using NI Launcher

NI Launcher helps you find and launch installed NI products. It provides you with a method of finding NI products similar to the Start menu in previous versions of Microsoft Windows. To use NI Launcher, click the NI Launcher tile in the Apps view. NI Launcher launches the desktop and opens a menu containing a list of NI products. Click any NI product to launch it.

Note  NI MAX does not appear as a desktop shortcut when installed on Microsoft Windows 8.x. You can launch NI MAX either from the Apps view or from within NI Launcher.

Pinning Frequently Used Applications

For convenience, you can pin your most-used NI applications, such as NI MAX, to either the Start screen or the Taskbar on the desktop, as necessary:

Current ApplicationIcon LocationPin to Action
Windows 8.x DesktopDesktop TaskbarRight-click application and select Pin to Taskbar
Windows 8.x DesktopStart screenRight-click application and select Pin to Start
Windows 8.x Start screenDesktop TaskbarRight-click application and select Pin to Taskbar from the menu bar on the bottom of the screen

Finding All Programs

If you want to find a particular application or related files, such as documentation files, from the Start screen, you can access all installed files from the Apps view. To get to the Apps view, right-click anywhere on the Start screen and select All Apps (Windows 8) or click the down arrow on the bottom left of the screen (Windows 8.1).

For more information about NI support for Windows 8.x, visit ni.com/windows8.

NI DIAdem Drops Support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 in 2016

As of July 1, 2016, NI DIAdem will no longer support the operating systems Microsoft Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, and MS Windows Server 2003. Versions of DIAdem that ship after July 1, 2016 will not install or run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003. For detailed information about NI application software product life cycles, visit ni.com/info and enter one of the following Info Codes:

ProductInfo Code
NI LabVIEWlifecycle
NI LabWindows™/CVI™cvi_lifecycle
NI Measurement Studiomstudiolifecycle
NI TestStandtslcp
NI DIAdemddlcp
NI SignalExpressselcp
NI VeriStandnivslifecycle

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