NI Circuit Design Suite 14.0 Readme for Windows

April 2015

This file contains important last-minute information about Circuit Design Suite 14.0 for Windows, including installation and compatibility issues.

Refer to Getting Started with NI Circuit Design Suite for information about getting started with Circuit Design Suite. You can access this PDF from Start»All Programs»National Instruments»Circuit Design Suite 14.0»Documentation»Circuit Design Suite 14.0 Getting Started.

You can also access this from the Multisim or Ultiboard Help menu.

Supported Platforms
Installing Circuit Design Suite 14.0
Product Security and Critical Updates
Known Issues
Bug Fixes
New Components

Supported Platforms

Circuit Design Suite 14.0 supports Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista 32-bit and 64-bit editions, Windows XP 32-bit edition, Windows Server 2003 R2 (32-bit) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit). Circuit Design Suite 14.0 does not support Windows 2000/NT/Me/98/95, Windows XP 64-bit edition, or the Windows Server non-R2 editions.

NI Circuit Design Suite Drops Support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 in 2016

National Instruments Circuit Design Suite will drop support for Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 as of July 1, 2016. Versions of Circuit Design Suite that ship after July 1, 2016 will not install or run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003. For detailed information about Circuit Design Suite's product life cycle, visit NI Multisim OS Support and System Requirements. The information on this page applies to Multisim and Ultiboard.

Installing Circuit Design Suite 14.0

Installing Multiple Versions

Circuit Design Suite 14.0 installs side-by-side with previous versions of Circuit Design Suite.

Archiving Circuit Design Suite databases

National Instruments recommends that you regularly back up the files created within the Multisim and Ultiboard components of NI Circuit Design Suite. Additionally, you should back up internal files that store user-created data, such as databases. For more information about which files to backup and where to find them, refer to the Help.


Uninstalling Circuit Design Suite will not remove user data. For more information about the locations of user database and configuration files, refer to the Archiving Data Help topic.

Circuit Design Suite 14.0 Updates and Notifications

National Instruments posts information about critical updates and security notifications on Visit and enter Info Code updates to access this information.

Automating the Installation of NI Products

You can automate the installation of most NI products using command-line arguments to suppress some or all of the installer user interface and dialog boxes. However, starting with the August 2012 releases (products using NI Installers version 3.1 or later), you may need to perform additional steps before or during an automatic installation of NI software.

If the NI product you are installing uses Microsoft .NET 4.0, the .NET installer may run before any NI software installs and may require a reboot before the installation of NI software begins. To avoid a .NET reboot, install .NET 4.0 separately before you install NI software.

For more information, refer to the following KnowledgeBase articles:

How to Use NI Software with Microsoft Windows 8.x

When you install National Instruments software on Microsoft Windows 8.x, you will notice a few additional tiles on the Start screen, including shortcuts to NI application software products.

Using NI Launcher

NI Launcher helps you find and launch installed NI products. It provides you with a method of finding NI products similar to the Start menu in previous versions of Microsoft Windows. To use NI Launcher, click the NI Launcher tile on the Start screen. NI Launcher launches the desktop and opens a menu containing a list of NI products. Click any NI product to launch it.

Pinning Frequently Used Applications

For convenience, you can pin your most-used NI applications to either the Start screen or the Taskbar on the desktop, as necessary:

Current ApplicationIcon LocationPin to Action
Windows 8 DesktopDesktop TaskbarRight-click application and select Pin to Taskbar
Windows 8 Desktop Start screenRight-click application and select Pin to Start
Windows 8 Start screenDesktop TaskbarRight-click application and select Pin to taskbar from the menu bar on the bottom of the screen

Finding All Programs

If you want to find a particular application or related files, such as documentation files, from the Start screen, you can access all installed files by right-clicking anywhere on the Start screen and selecting All apps. A list of all installed software and related files appears, in alphabetical order by creator or type.

For more information about NI support for Windows 8.x, visit

Product Security and Critical Updates

Visit to view and subscribe to receive security notifications about National Instruments products. Visit for information about critical updates from National Instruments.

Known Issues


LabVIEW functionality (LabVIEW instruments and grapher interpolation) will not work if the installation path uses characters that are not native to the "Language for non-Unicode programs" setting, available by selecting Start»Control Panel»Regional and Language Options and selecting the Advanced tab. In the Vista OS, use the "Current language for non-Unicode programs:" setting in the Administrative tab. LabVIEW functionality works for Unicode characters that are native to this setting.

Windows Vista

You cannot install Circuit Design Suite 14.0 on Windows Vista Starter edition.

Circuit Design Suite

Multisim and Ultiboard leak GDI resource handles when used over extended periods of time, eventually leading to unpredictable user interface behavior and crashes. This is an issue with MFC applications running on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003. For more information and workarounds, refer to KB 4JREGSXL:Multisim or Ultiboard Leaking GDI Resource Handles.

Bug Fixes

The following is a subset of the issues fixed since the last release of Circuit Design Suite.

Multisim ( 61 )
Bug IDDescription
518929 Update components sometimes do not detect ELVISmx instruments components from an ELVIS schematic.
517825 Pasting a Title Block will not preserve the field values on multi-page sheet.
514757 Net names with special internal character $ is being allowed to be created, which may cause issues with the netlist.
515526 Importing a .cir file sometimes causes Multisim to crash.
501065 Schematic wires sometimes may appear as connected but in reality are not.
509888 Imported files can sometimes show a component's database location incorrectly.
479149 Unable to change the value for a RLC custom part.
465428 Setting a component value visible will sometimes place the RefDes away from the schematic symbol.
490625 Single pin source changes do not create an undo point.
491624 Modifying values on single pin sources, the SPICE netlist viewer does not get its "out of date" message.
511469 Multisim sometimes does not display correctly a component's value compared to the actual value.
466171 Component Wizard fails to provide all model nodes when line continuations are separated by comment lines.
506416 Replacing some components by hierarchical block or subcircuit within an hierarchical block will sometimes crash Multisim.
504931 Default digital graph color is difficult to see with default background.
274344 Editing a component in database should modify and not create a new component.
493395 SPICE model type is no longer shown in table view for basic RLC device models.
491327 Undo sometimes causes inconsistency between netlist and shematic.
503533 Multisim hangs when scope with normal trigger and non-default trigger value is used.
500035 Cannot use exponential number format in probe parameter values.
368543 Cannot save analysis settings without specifying output variables.
465372 The LVM source generates incorrect negative polarity signal.
274752 Oscillopscope's AC coupling generates a poor result.
479847 Uninstalling 13.0.1 causes an error message next time 12.0.1 is started.
396771 Checking for current sources in series will only check the first two nodes of objects defined in the netlist.
282395 Attribute Device incorrectly repeats attribute Value in non-RLC components.
367605 Adding a new bus line should use net name as its default bus line name.
461943 Non-ideal resistor doesn't behave correctly without brackets around its model expression.
473601 Using Update Components should report any broken connections.
487152 When adding device parameters to analysis setup, unwanted parameters are also added.
478607 Cmod S6 config files are missing internal clock pins.
490907 Renaming a DGND component will not update other DGND instances.
440051 Malconfigured pulse source causes an internal error during simulation.
485982 Hierarchical PLD design sometimes prompts for net name collision continuosly.
488395 Exponential voltage/current source has different behaviour than in PSPICE.
485448 Octave AC sweep disregards logarithmic y axis.
486102 Error mesasge is not clear when simulating with an expression that evaluates a divided by zero value.
403700 LabVIEW microphone instrument is not able to acquire data for more than 10 sec.
274615 Multisim sometimes shows a white screen for a period of time while opening a file.
424840 Component Wizard allows different number of symbol pins in ANSI vs IEC.
467540 Some frequency-domain analyses display seconds as the unit in the simulation status bar.
323705 DMM uses 1e-9ohm series resistor to measure current, which causes convergence issues.
394799 Unable to set the Xilinx path in Multisim for all users using the same computer.
443707 Fourier analysis doesn't display DC component in graph.
393295 Grapher does not appear to handle very small values well and rounds them off to zero.
462216 The grapher's Y-axis marks do not match up with trace values.
480780 AC Phase confined to and jumps between -180 and 180.
478305 RefDes and Value are 'top aligned' when part is rotated in the vertical position.
269360 Pole-zero analysis does not remember the analysis type setting.
465765 Vertical symbol text renders horizontally when placed on schematic.
472570 Triangular current source seems to only reach the peak current on the first period.
469208 Unable to assign a footprint to a component with no footprints, assignment from the spreadsheet no longer works.
195405 No clean way of stopping Wait for Next Output in Multisim COM API.
466133 Logic Converter sometimes crashes when converting an expression to logic circuit.
465748 Simulation slows down after changing parameters on the Function Generator.
465038 Certain symbols from master database are reported as invalid when saving to user database.
347561 The Schematic Statistic Report incorrectly counts each section of a multi-section component as a part.
456597 Components with unmapped model nodes can be saved to database from the model template view without warning.
274318 Placing a component with a user-created footprint will reset it to a default footprint.
456610 Adding a section to a component with custom section names doesn't map all pins.
458840 Copy and paste components to a new design will re-enumerate its refdeses.
459432 PLD components not flagged correctly after saving to database.
Ultiboard ( 40 )
Bug IDDescription
470546 Importing a DXF file sometimes does not draw the pads correctly.
507801 Ultiboard sometimes places annotated components on top of existing components.
512407 Moving a part around a group of parts object will cause to crash Ultiboard.
480776 Toggling layer visibility for copper stack up layers with micro via placed on them may lead to Multisim crash.
268382 Autorouting of buses should not have vertical trace segments.
275699 Ultiroute incorrectly runs traces over a custom pad shape.
444411 Non-standard fill styles do not work on copper areas that are not power planes.
495370 Ultiboard crashes when follow-me router is used after changing clearance.
274648 Rule precision should not round to significant digits.
320661 The unit dropdown in Global options >> PCB design does not seem to get affected when units are changed from main toolbar control.
266630 Fanout SMD does not work well in BGA packages.
264328 Follow me router violates DRC when auto narrow traces is enabled.
275664 Trace running over a via without copper ring doesn't cause connectivity error.
387633 Duplicate footprint is added to the PCB when a footprint without pin is forward annotated.
443579 Fiducial marks are located incorrectly when text attribute is used outside the board outline.
445863 Text attribute voiding uses larger boundary box when attribute is rotated.
450179 When parts are set to transparent, one can no longer see through parts in 3D view
286414 NC Drill export generates incorrect file due to some decimal points in the coordinate area of the drill.
362253 Attempting to change the RefDes visibility for multiple components will prompt an error message and will still allow to proceed.
440295 Through-hole pad properties window is missing rounded rectangle as an option.
351243 Ultiboard does not show properly when there is a µ in the component's value tag.
445866 Soldermask option in via only allows none or all of the via covered.
284242 Placing a hole does not have a soldermask on the hole by default.
467306 Ultiboard database browser failing to refresh preview and place the selected part.
275527 Net shielding field in Net Edit dialog looses focus during edit.
290268 Cannot add a vertex by simply right clicking on the vertex.
461581 Ultiboard's grab-and-drag layout behaviour is different than Multisim.
263206 Import from Protel sometimes loses via connection.
274339 Grouped components edited via spreadsheet do not undo correctly.
274629 Cannot ungroup multiple group objects at once.
276402 Using the delete Open Trace Ends tool sometimes removes complete connections.
274708 Unknown footprint is sometimes ignored when importing from an older netlist.
324536 Test point sometimes generates an invalid DRC message.
346268 Changing a value in the spreadsheet view sometimes does not update the DRC result tab.
269514 Incorrect pad radius will generate error message when ultiroute is run.
275732 False DRC errors created when placing a net bridge underneath a component.
278859 When replacing a footprint on the design, text attributes sometimes changes unexpectedly.
272973 Router sometimes will not start due to an object in the silkscreen layer.
420397 Cancelling the Gerber-D Import dialog will prompt a invalid warning message.
420320 Net bridges do not export properly to DXF.

New Components

Refer to the Database section of the Multisim 14.0 Features and Improvements topic of Multisim Help for a list of new components.

Important Information


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