Acoustic Sensor

GRAS 40PH-10

SMB, 5 kHz to 20 kHz, 32 dB(A) to 135 dB, 50 mV/Pa, Array Acoustic Sensor—The GRAS 40PH-10 provides functionality for general-purpose measurements in arrays and matrices. This Acoustic Sensor features a wide frequency range up to 20 kHz as well as a large dynamic range from less than 32 dB(A) to 135 dB. You can use the GRAS 40PH-10 to perform sound-field analyses, sound-power measurements, multichannel measurements, and concurrent spatial and transient measurements. Additionally, the GRAS 40PH-10 includes an integrated constant current power (CCP) preamplifier and features a built-in transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) chip. You can use the TEDS chip to program the GRAS 40PH-10 as a complete unit.