PXI ARINC 429 Interface Module


PXIe, 8-, 16-, or 32-Channel PXI ARINC 429 Interface Module—The AIM ARINC-429 features onboard processors that automatically handle all protocol-related activity including transmit scheduling and receive buffering with minimal interaction with the host PC for real-time applications. This module utilizes FPGA technology combined with RISC processors to support ARINC-429 bus protocol handling for precise scheduling of simulated messages. The AIM ARINC-429 provides up to 32 channels on a 3 U form factor, and all channels are software programmable for various Receive (Rx) or Transmit (Tx) modes. You can use this module for applications such as test, simulation, and operation of avionics data buses. With extensive error detection and generation capability, the interface is well-suited for product development, production, and system test.