NI Product Activation

You can use the NI Licensing Wizard included with the NI License Manager to activate your software.

Activation for Volume License and Enterprise Agreements

Volume License Agreements and Enterprise Agreements are typically licensed using a license server.
Offline activations are provided through disconnected licenses. Contact your software administrator for more information, or email with questions.

Academic Site License Activation

Depending on which Academic Site License contract your academic institution purchased, you will receive one or more serial numbers, which are used to license and activate your NI software. You can install and activate software individually on a computer, and you will need to activate the software on each computer.
For more information about deploying NI software to multiple machines, refer to the Academic Site License Administrator Resources.

Identity-Based Activation

Single-seat license customers can activate software using their NI User Account. This method is an easier and more automated way to activate your product, so you don’t need to find or remember your serial number. After you purchase new software, you will receive an email that provides access to your software.
Follow the instructions in the email to log in to your NI User Account to activate the associated software.

Products Without Serial Numbers

Non-serialized products, such as LabVIEW Community Edition and LabVIEW NXG Community Edition, use identity-based activation. After you have installed these products, follow the default settings in NI License Manager to activate your software using your user account.

Software Policies and Privacy Statement

For additional information about NI licensing options, visit Understanding NI Software Policies or
Software Activation Privacy Statement

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