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GEN7 Audio Amplifier Tester by Alfamation

Consumers demand innovative electronic devices with advanced features, and manufacturers need to deliver competitive products with short times to market and lower costs. For audio, customers require adaptive, low-noise surround sound. Engineers conducting more complex audio amplifier tests to meet these requirements need a flexible solution that can handle high channel counts, multiple microphone inputs, and a variety of digital audio multichannel interfaces like Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) and Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (eAVB). A high-end audio amplifier test solution must:


  • Provide simultaneous test over high channel counts and multiple devices under test (DUTs) 
  • Offer multiple communication and digital audio interfaces like Automotive eAVB, A2B, Sony/Philips Digital Interface (SPDIF), and Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST)
  • Enable high-mix, high-volume manufacturing test
  • Deliver cost-efficient, high-performance test execution that is modular and expandable 

Solution Overview

  • PXI-based instruments, such as the ultra-reliable PXI chassis with a modular architecture, for complete and accurate test coverage 
  • Up to 64 analog audio measurement channels that can be divided among four or fewer DUTs 
  • Alfamation Supernova software, based on NI TestStand, to rapidly develop complex test steps and sequences
  • Self-diagnostic toolkit option
NI Partner Network

Alfamation is an NI Partner Network solutions partner with expertise in functional test products and systems for design, test, and manufacturing engineers and managers in the automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, and medical industries.

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