Matrix/Multiplexer Switch Module for SCXI


256-Channel Reed Matrix/Multiplexer Switch Module for SCXI—The SCXI‑1130 is a high-density, multiconfiguration switch module. With four multiplexer and three matrix configurations, the SCXI‑1130 is an excellent solution for large‑ or complex‑channel‑count systems. With SCXI terminal blocks, the SCXI‑1130 supports multiplexer configurations, including 256x1 (1‑wire), 128x1 (2‑wire), 64x1 (4‑wire), or 16 banks of 16x1 (1‑wire). It also supports matrix configurations, such as 4x64 (1‑wire), 8x32 (1‑wire), or 4x32 (2‑wire).