PXI Remote Control Module


MXI-2 System Expansion, PXI Remote Control Module—The PXI‑8320 is a 3U, 32-bit, CompactPCI compatible plug-in circuit module that fits into one of the peripheral slots of a PXI or CompactPCI chassis. This module allows a PXI/CompactPCI computer to be directly connected to an MXIbus system and vice versa. Because the PXI‑8320 relies on the same set of communications registers as other message-based VXIbus systems, MXIbus systems consider the PXI‑8320 module to be a VXIbus device. The PXI‑8320 can also be used as an MXIbus system controller and can route MXIbus signals directly to the PXI‑8320. Additionally, up to 16 MB of dynamic RAM can be added to the PXI‑8320, which the module can either share with MXIbus and VXI / VMEbus, or use as a buffer.