LabVIEW 2017 Bug Fixes


The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 2016 and LabVIEW 2017. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in LabVIEW 2017.

ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue Issue Details
Dynamic load of LabVIEW Class fails when built into a DLL. N/A
Error Ring does not adhere to dataflow in an executable or in a VI with debugging disabled See this forum for more details:
Updated Timed Loop Mode example VI to better display custom phase and show correct value for period in context help N/A
When an XNode output is wired to the Loop count of a Parallel For Loop the VI breaks. Connecting the output of an XNode (such as Match Regular Expression) to the count terminal of a Parallelized For Loop will result in a broken VI. The error list will also be empty in this situation.
Using the BD Get Image Scaled method crashes LV 2014 and 2015 if the depth of the image is 1 N/A
Built applications hang in some instances when calling Quit LabVIEW When the Customer Experience Improvement Program is enabled and the application uses the Start or Wait on Asynchronous Call VIs it may cause the application to hang if Quit LabVIEW is called.
LabVIEW has the potential to crash when simultaneously setting multiple variant attributes to empty variant constants N/A
Insert of Compound Arithmetic node on wire can result in undesirable configuration When you Quick Drop Insert a Compound Arithmetic node on a Boolean wire, the node is in Add mode, rather than boolean logic.

Also, when you insert a Compound Arithmetic node on any wire, it only has one input.
Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm has poor convergence in some cases In some cases, NI's implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm can have poor convergence.
Calling Format Value on improper value can result in crash Calling Format Value with value input of zero (or unwired) can cause crashes with some input and format strings.
Improper updates of library members when using Actor Framework Message Maker Adding a message to an Actor with the message maker updates all members of the library rather than just the modified members.
Example "Extract number with match pattern" gives incorrect output For cases with multiple decimal point separators the example does not yield correct output.
Certain Vision Acquisition Software examples show incorrect title bars N/A
The unflatten from String primitive can take several minutes to return when given malformed input strings N/A
DataSocket Read VI crashes LabVIEW when calling certain IP addresses N/A
Re-registering a dynamic event can cause subscribing event frames to behave improperly N/A
File permissions error when saving a LabVIEW file to a Windows Server from Windows 10 In some cases, you may receive File Permissions Error 44 when saving a LabVIEW file to a Windows Server from a computer running Windows 10.
Scrollbar does not properly respond to clicks on string constant Clicking and dragging the scrollbar in a string constant may move the string constant itself instead of scrolling the contents.
LabVIEW may not update classes on Real-Time targets after changing the inplaceness of a connector pane terminal for a VI within those classes In rare cases, changing the inplaceness of a connector pane terminal for a member VI of a class will not update the class. This can cause deployment problems for deploying LabVIEW classes to Real-Time targets.
VI Analyzer does not properly handle some files when creating file lists When a folder contains a file named "icon?" the folder listing that results may be incomplete.
Error message when replacing existing channel endpoint with an invalid configuration is not clear The message provided when users try to replace an existing endpoint with Read Multiple or Write Multiple, with an array element type which is not supported) is unclear.
Local variables can be created from channel wires It should not be possible to create a local variable that references a channel wire.
Resizing a "Register for Events" Node Crashes LabVIEW When there are at least two "Register For Events" nodes, one inside and one outside of an Event Structure, and the node outside of the event structure is resized, LabVIEW crashes the second time that the node is resized.
Connecting conflicting channel types does not always break the wire Two conflicting channel types should but don't break wire if tunnel is in between on forkable channel wire.
In some cases, using the Min/Max function on array of single precision floating point numbers can cause a VI to fail to compile N/A
Rearranging tabs in tab control can cause a crash When the tabs of a tab control are rearranged, the tab control is corrupted. This causes a crash when saving or running the VI.
Incorrect Out of Memory dialog when using "Active Plot" property node in 64-bit LabVIEW. In 64-bit versions of LabVIEW, calling the active plot property node of a chart generates a popup message indicating three is not enough memory to complete this operation. After clicking on “ok," the VI runs normally.
Using dynamically dispatched VIs with unwired input terminals can, in some cases, cause crashes N/A
Channels carrying typedefs/classes create crosslinks when users duplicate projects N/A
QMH project template contains a potential race condition A Merge Errors is needed within the QMH Main VI to avoid a potential race condition with registering for events:
Attempting to abort a VI may not always cause the VI to abort Attempting to abort a VI while stopped at breakpoints within an Inplace Element Structure does result in an abort.
Dragging a control or indicator to the edge of the block diagram can cause duplication of the front panel object N/A
Dynamic Dispatch VIs break when the class wire is passed through a shift register in specific cases If the class wire is passed into a loop as both a tunnel and a shift register, in some cases it will break the run arrow
Cast Unit Bases does not correctly remove units from output If a control with units is wired to the input of the Cast Unit Bases function, the default output incorrectly contains a unit
Actor Framework debug traces do not occur on Real-Time targets N/A
Selecting "Use Default if Unwired" on an output tunnel with a LabVIEW class data type will cause a broken VI with no errors N/A
Saving a VI containing a "Lookup Channel Probe" node for LabVIEW version 2015 and earlier can result in failure to open the saved VI N/A
The abort behavior of the Accumulator Tag channel wire does not match that of other implementations. N/A
Interpolate 2D Scattered VI will return an incorrect value for specific size input values N/A
Installing LabVIEW evaluation for Mac can sometimes cause the .app file to be installed to the wrong directory If the LabVIEW evaluation installer is run on a machine that has a previous version of LabVIEW installed, the .app file will be installed to the previous LabVIEW version's directory.
Execution Highlighting does not display correctly on Mac OS X N/A
Collapsing "Variant Attribute Get / Replace" border node on In Place Element Structure causes LabVIEW to crash When collapsing a "Variant Attribute Get / Replace" border node from the top edge of the node past multiple inputs, LabVIEW can crash.
Previous versions of LabVIEW are unable to open dynamic classes saved using "Save for Previous Version" in 2016 N/A
Using Quick Drop to add a Custom Control Template to a VI's Front Panel crashes LabVIEW N/A
Pressing Abort during project creation then creating another project causes LabVIEW to crash in some cases N/A
Dragging the front panel icon of a VI onto the block diagram of another VI will undo the last edit of the dragged VI in some cases When creating a subVI by dragging the front panel icon of a VI onto the block diagram of another VI, the last edit made on the original VI will become undone.
Possible crash when loading particular classes In some cases, particularly with TestStand Fast Loading enabled, loading some classes may cause LabVIEW to crash.
Attempting to drop a file on a path control in OS X will require the file to be dropped below the path control in some cases When attempting to drop a file on a path control, you must move your mouse below the path control to drop the file rather than dropping the file directly on the control.
Actors that return an error from Pre Launch Init also send a Last Ack containing the same error When Pre Lanch Init returns an error, the calling Actor will incorrectly receive an error from Last Ack in addition to the error from Launch Root/Nested Actor
Possible memory corruption when opening invalid file Memory corruption, usually resulting in an immediate crash, can occur when opening a file containing invalid data,
Opening a project with "Messenger Channels" causes a search for Wrapper.lvclass When opening a project containing "Messenger Channels," a dialog may occur requesting the user to locate "Wrapper.lvclass." This is most likely to occur the first time the project is opened on a specific machine,
Large projects may have extended save times When saving very large projects with complex dependency relationships, save times may be significantly longer than expected.

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