Archived: Measurement Studio 2013 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 2012 to Measurement Studio 2013.

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Bug Fixes

Bug ID Fixed Issue Additional Information
361209 The Zoom method for the WPF PolarGraph control throws an exception. This method is not available for the WPF PolarGraph control.
361239 The SetDataPosition method of a WPF Cursor does not update the position of the cursor.  
367072 The WPF Meter control may disappear the data type changes. If the Meter control is changed to a data type in which the current range is invalid, the Meter control may disappear.
370422 The HarmonicAnalyzer method in the Analysis Spectral Measurement library throws an AccessViolationException regardless of the input. This only occurs when using the overloaded HarmonicAnalyzer(Double[], Int32, Double, Double, Double[], Double[], Double) form of the method.The exception is not thrown for the other overloaded forms.
372509 Measurement Studio shows expired license behavior after extending the evaluation period from 7 days to 45 days. If the evaluation period is extended to 45 days after the 7-day evaluation period has expired, then Measurement Studio does not recognize the extended evaluation for up to an hour.
372511 Measurement Studio applications built with an Evaluation license may throw a LicenseException at run time. This can occur after extending the evaluation from 7 days to 45 days. A patch is available for this issue through NI Update Service. Refer to AE KnowledgeBase: Why Does My Measurement Studio 2012 Application Throw a LicenseException at Run Time While in the Evaluation Period? for more details.
373901 Appending data to a cloned WaveformPlot object causes a NullReferenceException to be thrown.  
374462 WPF Graph annotations are not hit-testable.  
375229 The WPF Graph control throws an InvalidOperationException when moving a cursor between two plots when embedded in a user control. This only occurs when the control is embedded in a user control.
380359 An exception is thrown when setting the GraphBase.DataSource property of the WPF Graph to null. If the DataSource property of a WPF Graph control is assigned an enumerable object of observable data types, such as an IList<ChartCollection<double>>, and then you assign null to the DataSource property and update the observable collections, the Graph will display data from the observable collections. If the collections are empty when you assign null to DataSource, then an out-of-range exception is thrown when you access a missing plot in the AllPlots object.
381465 Removing multiple plots or data items from the WPF Graph control causes the Graph state to become corrupted.  
381542 Initializing the Graph.Plots and GraphBase.Data of the WPF Graph control with items in the code behind causes the plots in the Graph to resize incorrectly. The plots in the Graph remain in place, relative to the lower-left corner of the Graph.
384987 The PropertyChanged event does not occur when the Plot property of a XYCursor changes.  

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