TDM Streaming (TDMS) DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading and writing of NI TDM Streaming files.

The TDMS DataPlugin installs with DIAdem, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio, and DataFinder Server Edition by default. 


NI XNet uses the TDMS format to stream bus log file information. If you are using TDMS files that were created with NI XNet, please use the DIAdem Bus Log Converter.


File Extension: *.TDMS
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: May 9, 2016 [15.2.0]


Windows: Please use nitdms1520.exe
Linux: Please use
Mac OS: Please use






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Customer Reviews
1 Review | Submit your review

No instructions on installation for Linux or Mac  - May 9, 2017

Why are there no instructions given on how to install these files on linux or mac based system? Doesn't this upgrade include cRIO linux based systems?

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