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Using the FREE TDM Excel Add-in for Microsoft Excel, you can load and work with TDM and TDMS files in Excel.

Supported Features:

  • Interactively loads TDM and TDMS files in Excel
  • Use ‘Open with>>Excel Importer’ or double-click from Windows Explorer to open a TDM/TDMS file in Excel
  • Use VBA and the TDM Excel Add-In COM-API to automate loading of TDM and TDMS files into Excel.
  • Loads more than 256 groups
  • Each TDM/TDMS file loaded into Excel creates a new Excel Workbook
  • Each group in the TDM/TDMS file is loaded onto a separate Excel Worksheet
  • Each channel of a group is loaded as a separate column in the groups Worksheet
  • Ignores decimation groups generated by SignalExpress.

Supported File Formats:

  • TDMS 1.0 files and TDMS 2.0 files
  • TDM files

Supported Excel Versions:

  • All Excel versions from 2007 to Excel 2016

Note: You can create a DataPlugin to read Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets with LabVIEW, DIAdem or DataFinder.

Note: If you want to read the Excel files created by the TDM Excel Add-In and maintain the same worksheet layout, use the ExcelTDM DataPlugin.  Please refer to Editing TDM(S) files with the TDM Excel Add-In for more details.


File Extension: *.TDM; *.TDMS
Direction: Read / ---
Last Change: October 19, 2018 []




Installation Instructions

  1. Download the NITDMEXCEL_2018-0-1.exe file in the download area of this page.
  2. Double-click the nitdmexcel_18-0-1.exe file.
  3. Follow the installation wizard.


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Customer Reviews
39 Reviews | Submit your review

Example stopped working  - Jul 24, 2017

The following code aborts with the message: "Run-time error '-2147467259 (800004005)' Method 'Connect' of object COMAddin failed. Dim obj As COMAddIn Set obj = Application.COMAddIns.Item("ExcelTDM.TDMAddin") obj.Connect = True <- Error occurs on this line This code was working previously, but has stopped. Operating system is Windows 10. The following software has been updated since last execution: 1) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 with updates to ver 14.0.25420.1 2) Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 to ver 15.0.4569.1506 3) Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime to ver 10.0.50903 4) Microsoft Silverlight to ver 5.1.50907.0

Works, but not entirely  - Jul 21, 2017

When I open excel and use the add-ins toolbar, it works, but when I have the files associated with opening the excel importer it also works on 14 out of 15 computers. The 15th, I get an error saying the TDM/TDMS file cannot be opened by Microsoft Excel because it is not installed on your computer. It's a bit vague if it's saying the Excel importer isn't installed or if it is saying excel isn't installed, either way it's not correct, but I'm guessing it's just looking in the wrong place for them, anyone seen this/know how to solve it?

Does not work with Office 365 Business  - Mar 22, 2017

Tries several new installs of TDMS excel importer 15. Not recognized by excel. Manual install as COM add-in failed with excel telling me that "ExcelTDM.dll is no valid office add-in".

Error Opening Excel Report "Cannot use object linking and embedding" and "Excel could not start last time"  - Jul 19, 2016

I have been using the Labwindows application to open the Excel and save with data's and the MSOffice 2016 has been installled into my pc.The purpose of the project is served but some times i get an error like i mentioned in summary .please let me know if any solution for the same.

Worked for me - Excel 2016  - Apr 25, 2016

Worked for Excel 2016 as of 4/25/2016

Installer appears not to work  - Mar 20, 2016

Same as other commenters here. Installer shows nothing to install. Unzipped and attempted to install manually and only some products appeared to install. Still not working with MS Excel Viewer.

No Excel 2016 support  - Mar 18, 2016

As of this date 3/18/2016 this addon does not work with Excel 2016

software cannot be installed on PC with Labview 2015  - Dec 3, 2015

Downloaded the NITDMEXCEL_2015-0-0.exe. and unzipped successfully. In the setup window "Start Installation" it states installation summary: No software will be installed or removed. There is no possibility to press the "Next-Button". Installation is not possible.

TDM Excel Add In installer doesn't work  - Nov 20, 2015

The installer does not function (Shows nothing to install) on Windows 7, Office 2013, and LabView 2015. Please fix the installer at so this can be cleanly installed. I did get it to work by manually installing all of the msi items under Products, but there's no indication that the way I did it was correct.

Current version will not work for Additional Installers  - Nov 8, 2015

I am still developing in 2013 SP1 (on purpose). I am trying to include this add In for the installers, but it will not work because it says 2015. I haven't been able to find a 2013 version on line. I am traveling in Asia and this is preventing me from building a proper installer.

Import of floats with NAN does not get read correctly  - Jul 26, 2015

The resulting excel table from importing a TDMS-file, which contains an array of floats with NAN, shows "65535" at all positions that are supposed to be NAN. In order to make a good looking graph, all "65535" must be removed manually and replaced by ""(blank). It would therefore be great if Nan could be imported as <blank> already by the import program so no extra steps would be needed.

not working  - May 4, 2015

I have the same issue as was reported on August 2014. The installation summary claims nothing needs to be installed, while the add-in is not available in excel and had never been installed in this PC

Will not install on PC running LabVIEW 2014  - Aug 28, 2014

Downloaded the NITDMEXCEL_2014-0-0.exe. successfully. Unzipped the files and ran the .setup application. The installer initialises and checks for updates but at the Installation Summary it states "No software will be installed or removed" and the "Next>>" option is unavailable. A fix may be required for LabVIEW 2014.

COM Automation not working with latest version  - Oct 11, 2013

Version 3.4 worked using COM automation to import TDMS files into Excel. Machines with 3.5 did not, and upgrading v3.4 to 3.5 made my currently working code start throwing errors "unhandled exception". Upgrades make things worse -- Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Excel 2013 Compatability  - Aug 8, 2013

For those who are interested, I have tested this Add-In with Excel 2013 32 bit and it works.

Importer doesn't show scaling properties  - Jan 24, 2013

Importer does not show scaling properties from TDMS file created with "TDMS Create Scaling". When you open the same file using the TDMS File Viewer vi. the scaling properties are shown. The file I am using to test this was generated by the NI example "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\examples\file\plat-tdms.llb\TDMS - Create Scaling"

32 Bit Win7 Pro  - Jan 24, 2013

I have installed v3.4.0 and currently running it on Win7 Pro 32 bit.

  - Sep 27, 2012

Apparently, the 32-bit system support has been removed...

Bigger than Excel itself!  - May 14, 2012

Wow! And excel addin that is bigger (filesize) than excel itself. It must be special.

TDM Excel Add-in 2011 Capabilities  - Aug 16, 2011

As an update to some of the questions posted here over the past few month: The current version (2011) of the TDM Excel Add-in works with Excel versions "2003 and higher", which includes version 2007 and 2010 - and includes support for Excel 2010 64-bit. We are not going to support Excel version before 2003, since Microsoft has ended support for these versions years ago. The issue regarding Excel 2007 row limitation has been addressed by R&D, the same applies to double-clicking on TDM(S) files - which will open Excel or DIAdem depending on the default application setting of the Windows operating system. The TDM Excel Add-In comes with in COM automation interface to automate loading TDM(S) files into Excel.

2011 version  - Jul 19, 2011

This new version supports Excel 2010 64-bit and has a fix for more than 65535 rows in Excel 2010.

Offce 2010 64-bit support  - Jun 8, 2011

When will this plug-in support 64-bit Excel? Thanks.

VB with TDM C DLL  - Jun 2, 2011

i want to use VB 2010 to read a tdm file,i also download TDM C DLL,but i don't know how to operate,can you give me some examples

the new 2010-version (3.2) still does not support importing more than 65535 rows  - Sep 13, 2010

in office 2007 or higher there is still no support in loading more than 65535 rows when running the TDM-importer. I hoped it was fixed by now !!! Is there perhaps a way to have a little more control when using the import from VBA, it always seems to open in a new workbook. Another item on my wishlist is to have a startingoffset and a decimator for specific channels. I have a dataset which contains 10 channels at 200 Hz and 1 channel at 2000 Hz. For data- analysis using excel it would be nice to have it decimated to 200 Hz so I will probably not run into the 65535 limitation.

does not work with excel 2007   - Aug 13, 2010

I installed this plug in excel2003 - works well it does not show up in excel2007 - I can not access my tdms files

Excel 2010  - Jun 18, 2010

It is working with Office Excel 2010 (Beta).

TDM Import breaks double-click  - Jun 8, 2010

With The TDM Import add-in loaded, I can no longer use double-click to open Excel files. Excel launches, and there is a toolbar with a blank screen - not even empty worksheet. If I click on the add-in and cancel, or even click on add- in "About", then the file open completes. Still, it is inconvenient.

Does not fully support excel 2007 row limit  - Sep 21, 2009

Excel 2007 supports up to a million rows (1,048,576) While Excel 2003 and below only supported roughly 65,000 rows. The tdms importer limits you to the old 65,000 rows and doesnt allow the new limits! While this is an improvement over the older version of the plugin which would simply crash if you tried to import more than 65,000 values, this still needs to be fixed. I want to import a big tdms file into excel. I am recording at 200Hz for an hour. That's 720,000 rows. Excel can handle it. TDMS importer cannot.

Is this supposed to work with Excel 2007?  - Apr 6, 2009

I can't get it to install (I have Excel 2007). The installation runs, I accept the license agreement, then at the next screen it says "No software will be installed". No options to continue.

  - Feb 11, 2009

For some reasons, the Add-Ins tab doesn't show up for me in Excel 2007 even though the addin appears to have been read at startup. Any idea why the Add-Ins tab is not showing up? Note, I disabled the addin, removed the addin, rebooted, re-installed, and reran Excel but this didn't work.

Should be available for Excel 2000  - Jan 28, 2009

This should really be available for 2000 as well.

how to allow all users to use tool?  - Nov 17, 2008

Is there a way to make it so that non-administrator users can use the tool? From what I've seen only the installer (admin) can access the tool. I'd like all users to be able to use the tool once it has been installed by an admin.

needs option to not load certain data  - Sep 25, 2008

It would be very helpful if there was a property you could set that would cause it not to load particular data. For example, I have a file that has my spreadsheet data saved in it, but I also save images as a byte array. If there was a special group property you could set that would disable this application from loading the image data then it would stop excel from loading massive amounts of data.

TDM Excel Add-in Capabilities  - Sep 24, 2008

The currently posted TDM Excel Add-in works with Excel versions "2003 and higher", which includes version 2007. The currently posted TDM Excel Add-in does correctly import date/time channels into Excel-- note that Excel tracks date/time as the number of fractional days since about 1900. You may need to change the formatting of the datetime channel column in Excel to see the datetime information the way you want it. An error report has been entered for the TDM Excel Add-in for the 256 column limitation in Excel 2007. Hopefully a new version will be posted soon which removes this artificial limitation.

How about a version for Excel 2007  - Sep 12, 2008

256 Channel limit  - Mar 18, 2008

Note that there is a 256 channel limit (per tab) in Excel. This add-in will only display the first 256 channels. You can probably get around this by writing code to split the TDM file into multiple smaller files or create your own Excel converter VI that would place 256 channels per tab. Or you could just use know you want to...all the cool people are doing it. (-;

Exporing Data  - Nov 20, 2007

I think it would be useful to have the possibility to build the excel file directly from LabView. Regards.

Needs Timestamp Data (#2)  - Oct 31, 2007

I confirm that a time stamp data column would be very useful, if not necessary, also for my company (we manufacture hydraulic pumps, mainly for chemical or oil and gas companies); in fact, also for legal/contract issues, we have to recall the exact time in which a variation of the conditions happens. Thank you very much for your attention.

Needs timestamp data  - Sep 6, 2007

This would be very helpful for my application, but the file data is transported to excel without any timing information, making it difficult to graph the results correctly. It would be great if the first column on every sheet contained timestamp data for each row. I don't suppose the source code is available so that we can add improvements ourselves?

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