Hardware Product Lifecycle Policies

Technology evolution, market demand, and component obsolescence dictate the lifecycle of a given NI hardware product. NI uses several internal processes to track these factors and manage the lifecycle of NI hardware products.



 ActiveMature1Last Time Buy2Standard SupportLimited SupportDiscontinued
Purchase New      
Calibration    Reasonable EffortReasonable Effort
Repair    Reasonable Effort 
Service Agreement      


1A next generation upgrade product has been identified. A product is not recommended for new designs in the Mature phase.

2A Last Time Buy Date has been announced, after which the product will no longer be available for purchase.


Lifecycle Phase Definitions

Active—This product is currently the best available option for the applications that fall within its specifications. The duration of the Active phase is based on various factors, such as technology evolution, component obsolescence, and market requirements.


Mature—A recommended replacement has been released for this product or NI has intentionally divested in this technology. This product is no longer recommended for new designs. The length of the Mature phase depends on the release date of the recommended replacement and the announcement of the Last Time Buy Date for this product.  A product may skip the Mature phase if a Last Time Buy Date is announced without a replacement being released.


Last Time Buy—NI has announced the Last Time Buy Date for the product. The Last Time Buy Date is the last date a customer can purchase the product and the end of the Last Time Buy phase. NI generally fulfills all orders placed before the Last Time Buy Date, though unforeseen component issues may impact NI’s ability to do so.


Standard Support—The product is available for support, repair, or calibration services but is no longer available for purchase. This phase typically lasts one year after the Last Time Buy Date, aligning with NI’s standard one-year warranty period.  Customers who have an extended warranty for the product continue to receive the entitled services for the warranty’s duration.


Limited Support—This product is no longer available for purchase and NI no longer guarantees support, repair, or calibration services.  NI will make a reasonable effort to provide these services to customers still using the product.


Discontinued—The product is no longer available for purchase and is not supported by NI.

Lifecycle Assistance

If you have questions about NI product lifecycle policies or have specific questions about a product’s lifecycle status, contact us. NI is committed to providing the right level of lifecycle support for your needs.


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