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mmWave OTA Validation Test Software

mmWave OTA Validation Test Software simplifies and accelerates 5G antenna-in-package beamforming device characterization and validation testing.
mmWave OTA Validation Test Software is application software that helps you configure, run, visualize, and report 5G mmWave antenna-in-package integrated circuit (IC) over-the-air (OTA) radiated performance. This software can perform system calibration to measure the path losses of every signal path, compensating for test instruments, cables, antennas, and air interface. Additionally, mmWave OTA Validation Test Software simplifies the process of configuring and running 3D spatial sweeps according to 3GPP test specifications. You can use templates to customize test sequences to automate data collection, results reporting, and storage. The software includes a collection of visualization tools for antenna pattern cuts, 3D and polar plots, beamwidth, heat map, and more.
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