Pinout of the 9 Pin DIN Cable for the NI-DMM and NI High-Speed Digitizers


This article explains which signals correspond to which pins on the 9-Pin DIN cable connector for the NI-Digital Multimeter (DMM) or NI High-Speed Digitizer. This information will be helpful if you want to make your own custom trigger cable for your DMM or High Speed Digitizer, but do not know which connections are used for the DMMs and digitizers.



If you look at the connector on the front of the DMM or digitizer you will see a connector similar to the image below. A few pins are not labeled, Pin 6 is above pin 5 and pin 8 is above pin 7.



The Digital Multimeter Trigger Cable (p/n 184931-0R5) provides BNC connectivity to pins 6 and 9 via the 9-pin DIN connector on the DMM. Only 3 of the 9 pins are used on the DMM, as listed below.

  1. Pin 2 - Ground
  2. Pin 6 - Measurement Complete
  3. Pin 9 - External Input Trigger

If you need to make a custom cable, use the diagram found on page 3 of the NI 4021 Kit Installation Guide, see related links.



The Aux100 9-Pin DIN to BNC Female Cable (p/n 185259-0R3) provides connectivity to PFI 2 for the older non-Synchronization and Memory Core digitizers (non-SMC) . These digitizers include the NI-5102/5112/5911. A picture of the 9-Pin DIN connector and pin assignments for these devices is shown below.

The 9-Pin DIN to 2 BNC Female Cable (p/n 189919-0R5) provides connectivity to PFI 0 and PFI 1 for many of the newer (SMC) digitizers. These digitizers include the NI-5114/5122/5124/5142/5922. A picture of the 9-Pin DIN connector and pin assignments is shown below.



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