DAQ Devices with Hardware-Timed Single Point Sampling Mode Support


This article explains which DAQ and cRIO devices support hardware-timed single point (HWTSP) sampling mode. This information is useful if you want to acquire or generate samples continuously using hardware timing without a buffer, which is possible with hardware-timed single point sampling.



In HWTSP, samples are acquired or generated continuously using hardware timing without a buffer. Because samples have to be continuously acquired/updated and processed on a point-by-point basis, you need to use a fast, deterministic bus.

  • Only PCI/PXI/PCIe/PXIe DAQ devices have the ability to support Hardware-Timed Single Point Sample Mode (HWTSP). 
  • HWTSP is also supported on the cRIO platform with the cRIO-904x controllers and supported C Series modules.


NI devices that support HWTSP are listed below by task type:

Analog Input and Output Tasks

The following devices in the PCI/PXI/PCIe/PXIe form factor support AI/AO hardware-timed single point sample mode:


Digital I/O and Counter Tasks


Unsupported Devices

The following devices do not support hardware-timed single point sample mode for any task type:

  • USB multifunction DAQ devices (63xx, 62xx)
  • PXIe-6386 and PXIe-6396 on AI tasks
  • USB low-cost DAQ devices (600x)
  • CompactDAQ (cDAQ) chassis (9162, 913x, 917x, 918x, 9191) with all C Series modules
  • Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA) devices (44xx). NI DSA Hardware does not support single point acquisition whether it be hardware-timed or on-demand as explained here.


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