Create a .licx File for My Measurement Studio Project

Microsoft .NET Framework language compilers embed Measurement Studio licenses into your assembly every time you build an assembly that references a Measurement Studio licensed class library. The compilers use License Compiler (Lc.exe) to do this. The input to License Compiler is a licenses.licx file that contains a list of licensed types and the assemblies that contain these licensed types. At compile time, License Compiler obtains licenses from NI License Manager for the Measurement Studio components listed in the licenses.licx file, which the .NET language compiler embeds into the assembly as a resource.


Use this page to generate licenses.licx entries for your Measurement Studio project based on your project properties. Once you have generated the entries you need, add them to your existing licenses.licx file or follow the instructions for creating a new licenses.licx file in Creating a .licx File Without Visual Studio-Integrated Tools in the Measurement Studio Help.

Note: Once the entries have been generated, for WPF Controls you will need to remove the entries not corresponding to the licensed version of Measurement Studio such as Standard or Enterprise.