CompactRIO Single-Board Controller Module Compatibility


Many CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers, formerly named Single-Board RIO controllers, allow you to use C Series modules in your embedded design. This document lists what you need and to check for C Series module compatibility.


Selecting a CompactRIO Single-Board Controller

You'll need to use a Single-Board Controller that has a RIO Mezzanine Card connector, this allows you to bridge to the C Series modules. On the NI CompactRIO Single-Board Controller shop page, you can filter to models that support modules by selecting Yes for RMC Connector

Selecting a RIO Mezzanine Card

Next, you'll need a RIO Mezzanine Card that contains C Series slots. The NI 9697 and NI 9693 can both connect up to two C Series modules to the Single-Board Controller. NI recommends the following:

  • If using sbRIO-9603/9607/9608/9609, or 9627/9628/9629, it's compatible with NI 9697 (P/N 783883-01).
  • If using sbRIO-9605/9606, or 9623/9626, it's compatible with NI 9693 (P/N 153170-01).

To purchase either of these cards, please contact us

Selecting C Series Modules

In order to use a module with the Single-Board Controller, it must be board-only. On C Series Module Shop Pages, for example C Series Digital Module, filter the Enclosed column to No to view board-only modules.

These modules were previously denoted by an "E" at the end of their model numbers; they are now denoted with the "sbRIO-" prefix (e.g. NI-9201E -> sbRIO-9201). Modules in their enclosures will not fit in the Single-Board Controller, and will not be recognized as sbRIO-compatible in NI MAX. Removing a module from its enclosure voids the warranty and may invalidate certain certifications. NI does not recommend removing a module from its enclosure.

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