NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch Details

The NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch fixes an issue, ID# 507376, that results in a small chance of a hang during installation of NI software on systems with NI-488.2 14.0 already installed. This patch is available for customers who have installed NI-488.2 14.0 or NI-488.2 14.0 Runtime.  

NI strongly recommends this patch for all NI-488.2 14.0 installations, as it corrects the potential for this hang when running future NI installations.  

The hang can occur when upgrading directly from NI-488.2 14.0 to NI-488.2 15.0 or later, so it is important to install the NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch before upgrading. The problem no longer occurs once NI-488.2 15.0 or later is installed.  

A system reboot is required following installation of the NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch.  

Building a deployment installer with the NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch: 
If the NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch is installed, it is included in deployments automatically when NI-488.2 14.0 is selected. 

Deploying the NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch to machines with NI-488.2 14.0 already deployed: 
To simplify the update for machines with NI-488.2 14.0 already deployed, the NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch can be included in the deployment installer without including NI-488.2 14.0. In NI installer builders, the patch appears as a separate installer in addition to NI-488.2 14.0. 

Note: The NI-488.2 14.0.1 Patch is available through NI Update Service.