VeriStand Add-Ons and Custom Devices


Although VeriStand provides most of the general functionality required by a real-time testing application, NI has designed the environment so that you can customize and extend it when necessary to ensure it always meets your application requirements. Below, see a collection of NI supported VeriStand add-ons as well as additional add-ons gathered from internal NI developers and the VeriStand community. 

NI Supported VeriStand Add-Ons

These Add-Ons can be downloaded from the VeriStand feed in NI Package Manager, or from the release tab of the GitHub pages linked below.


Additional VeriStand Add-Ons

The following add-ons have a high level of quality and maturity, but are not officially supported by NI.


VeriStand add-ons are continually created and often published to the NI VeriStand Add-Ons community group. These add-ons may vary in quality. 

Several additional NI-made add-ons exist but are not publicly available and supported due to varying maturity and their customer-specific nature. 

Embedded Data LoggerApplication FocusNI
Engine Simulation ToolkitApplication FocusNI
Ballard ARINC 429Hardware SupportNI
Ballard MIL-STD-1553Hardware SupportNI
Data Sharing Framework Custom DeviceHardware SupportNI
FPGA Addon Custom DeviceHardware SupportNI
Instrument Addon Custom DeviceHardware SupportNI
Routing and FaultingHardware SupportNI
Scan Engine and EtherCATHardware SupportNI
SLSC 12201 DIO Module Custom DeviceHardware SupportNI
SLSC EDS Custom DeviceHardware SupportNI
SynchronizationHardware SupportNI
ASAM XIL Steps for NI TestStandTestStand IntegrationNI
FPGA-Based Power Electronics Add-On for VeriStandApplication FocusOPAL-RT
INERTIA Add-On for VeriStandApplication FocusGenuen
[Archived] Fault Insertion UnitsHardware SupportNI
[Archived] NI Switch RelayHardware SupportNI
PXI Resistive SimulationHardware SupportNI
NI Custom Device WizardLabVIEW IntegrationNI
VeriStand Steps for TestStandTestStand IntegrationNI

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