Using Simulation Models with NI VeriStand


NI VeriStand can be used to interact with models from a variety of modeling environments and programming languages. NI VeriStand can run compiled models created in any supported modeling environment. This document lists supported modeling environments that have been tested and verified to be able to create compiled models that can be imported in NI VeriStand.

Other Used Models

Below is a list of other verified models that can be used in NI VeriStand. For support on creation of the models, please consult the third-party technical support. Once created, please review the VeriStand Manual for “Adding and Configuring a Model”.

  • SimulationX from ITI
  • Dymola from Dynasim
  • Ansys SCADE Suite Software
  • GT-POWER from Gamma Technologies
  • AMESim from LMS
  • Rational Rhapsody from IBM
  • MapleSim from MapleSoft
  • Dynacar from Tecnalia
  • CarSim from Mechanical Simulation
  • VI-CarRealTime from VI-Grade
  • JMAG RT FEA models from JMAG
  • TESIS DYNAware software
  • Fortran
  • MATRIXx SystemBuild
  • Carmaker from IPG
  • EcoSimPro from EA Internacional
  • WAVE-RT from Ricardo

Other modelling environments may be supported in VeriStand but have not been tested. If your preferred modelling environment can output a model as a dll, the steps for importing a C/C++ model can be followed.

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