Archived: Known Compatibility Issues Between Windows 8 and NI Products

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Finding NI Products on the Windows 8 Start Screen

When you run an installer, the Start screen contains many tiles, some of which are hard to read. To locate NI application software on the Start screen, try one of the following workarounds:

  • Hover your mouse over the tile to see the product's full name
  • Click the Search charm to open Windows 8 Search and type the application name
  • While in the Start screen, type the application name on the keyboard to display matching tiles

NOTE: The NI 2012 SP1 software updates will include a better user experience for finding and running NI software on Windows 8.

Fast Startup Issues

NI strongly encourages its customers to disable fast startup. For more information, refer to KnowledgeBase article 5ZUEMHS1.

Windows Reader Issues

Windows 8 includes a built-in PDF viewer, Windows Reader. This app runs full-screen from the Windows 8 Start screen. However, Microsoft has disabled the use of Windows 8 full-screen apps while you are logged into the built-in administrator account.  Therefore, Windows Reader cannot launch, and you cannot view PDF versions of NI product documentation. If you must work in this account type and want to view NI documentation PDFs, install Adobe Reader.

Visit for more information about how Windows 8 affects your test and measurement systems.

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