NI-Sync Bug Fixes


The following items are the IDs and titles of issues fixed in NI-Sync 3.2 and later releases of NI-Sync. If you have a bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

1. Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in NI-Sync 3.2 and later.

IDFixed IssueIssue DetailsFixed Version
222651The NI PXI-6682 is incorrectly identified as a VISA device on a 64-bit host computer with more than 4 GB of RAM. 3.2.3
246967Enabling or disabling the PFI 10kOhm Termination on the NI PXI-6674T affects PFI threshold value.Enabling the 10kOhm termination causes the threshold voltage to decrease slightly, while disabling the 10kOhm termination causes the threshold voltage to increase slightly.3.3
246972On the NI PXIe-6674T, setting 10kOhm Termination on PF1 causes an error.If the threshold voltage for PFI1 is set close to its maximum value, enabling PFI1 10kOhm termination causes the following calls to hang: Get PFI Threshold Voltage, Set PFI Threshold Voltage, and Enable PFI1 10kOhm termination.3.3
322232Setting the User LED State property on an NI PXIe-6674T results in error -1074118653: This operation requires a feature that is not supported. 3.4
330043Reading Future Time Events on NI PXI-668x Modules may cause a crash.Enabling trigger timestamps on a line while the hardware timestamps a trigger on a different line may result in a system crash.3.4
364088Running niSync Start resets all the 1588 properties to default.When you run the niSync Start 1588 VI, all 1588 properties are reset to default, including Log Sync Interval, Priority 1, and Priority 2. Any settings configured prior to running this VI are erased.3.4
365208The NI PXIe-6674(T) self-test fails with error -201427.Due to an intermittent error in initialization of the device, an NI PXIe-6674(T) self-test results in error -201427: The specified device is not supported within the NI-DAQmx API.3.4
367753Resetting the PXI-6682(H) or PCI-1588 multiple times cause errorsMultiple asynchronous resets to the PXI-6682(H) or PCI-1588 cause a variety of errors and may even result in a system hang or crash.3.4
381561The network adapter on the NI PXI-6682 initializes with incorrect settings.When an NI PXI-6682 is configured as the secondary NIC, the network adapter will initialize to 10Mbps/Full Duplex mode regardless of the user-defined settings.3.4
385300When in polling mode, the NI PXI-6682 and NI PXI-6683 modules fail to acquire an IP address.When these modules are configured to use polling mode, the network adapters on an NI PXI-6682 and NI PXI-6683 modules fail to receive an IP address with the LabVIEW 2011 Real-Time Module.3.4
438783The NI PXI-6682 and NI PXI-6683 modules may cause excessive jitter on real-time systems. 14.5
506257The NI PXI-6683 Ethernet driver may cause real-time systems to hang or crash. 14.5
532983PXI-668X and PCI-1588 cards return errors or show up as disconnected on Windows 10.

The PXI-6682(H), PXI-6683(H), and PCI-1588 may appear as disconnected in NI MAX or return errors on Windows 10, such as:

    • Error -50202 occurred at Device Configuration when selecting a device in NI MAX or opening a Test Panel.
    • The self test failed. Status Code: -88705 when running a self test.
    • Error -1073807360 occurred at Property Node when accessing the 1588 tab of a Test Panel


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