Archived: LabVIEW 2012 SP1 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 2012 and LabVIEW 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1). If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Refer to the LabVIEW 2012 Service Pack 1 Software Download page (linked below) to download LabVIEW 2012 SP1.


Bug Fixes

The following items are bugs fixed for LabVIEW 2012 SP1

IDFixed Issue
184689UI Performance degradation when displaying NaN values on 3D Surface Graph in LabVIEW
212136"The VI is not executable. The full development version of LabVIEW is required to fix the errors" dialog on a built app
237213Event registration refnum of typedef does not update when typedef updates
312538Link between .NET Constructor Node and Assembly is sometimes lost even when .NET Assembly exists
323332Control reference returned from CtlRef of an Event Structure is incorrect for Type Definitions
356459Crash in DrawPlot when trying to display 42984 points on XY Graph
357092Cannot use right click shortcut menu to create items for the reference out terminal of Property Node (XML) or Invoke Node (XML)
361666Tools >> Actor Framework Message Maker... is missing in Linux
361839Boolean constant & string constants grow to length of label when cluster is type defined
361857Certain network configurations cause slow loading of NationalInstruments.LabVIEW120.dll.
362018Crash when loading some VIs, saved in a previous version of LabVIEW, into LabVIEW 2012.
362366Packed Project Library deployment fails on Real-Time targets
362576Invoke Method: Add File crashes LabVIEW if Path parameter contains too many characters
362925Crash when dragging instance of Polymorphic VI from dialog to block diagram.
363091HTTP Get with file path specified always  fails with error (on VxWorks)
363464Plots with reversed X axis display extraneous horizontal line
363945LabVIEW crashes if changing properties for multiple selected nodes by right clicking the label
364462Crash when changing value of numeric within a typedef constant that was moved out of an array constant
364799Selecting the Configure Web Application Server button immediately after preference page load results in 404 error.
365679LabVIEW 3D Picture control does not work with certain AMD video card drivers
366331Dynamic event registration of an array of controls fails with Error 1
367428Private inlined VIs in a library cannot be built into packed project libraries
367463References returned by Property: Controls[] of a pane containing type definitions do not match VI Server References to the control
368000Using Property: Owner to get an owning cluster's reference on the cluster’s sub-controls returns incorrect value if the sub-control reference came from Property: Controls[] of the owning cluster
368115HTTP POST VI will always timeout when POSTing to a Web Service using NIAuth
368375Compound Arithmetic node will produce incorrect results when operating on units in LabVIEW 2012
368396Certain applications built with Application Builder fail to launch
368466Plot visibility check box can not be toggled for plot 0 on an XY Graph
368648Network Stream operations return Error 42 when data type contains nested clusters of typedefs
368875Slow load and close time for large Application Build specifications
368973Editing the scale on a numeric control or indicator within an array causes LabVIEW 2012 to crash
370147The Cursor Color attribute cannot be changed through the Cursor short cut menu in LabVIEW 2012
370259Custom Waveform Graphs display NaN values incorrectly
370578LabVIEW User Interface responsiveness decreases on Mac OS when many VIs are loaded into memory
370957Specific type of cluster sent over the network may produce incorrect results
371651LabVIEW Source Control prompts to add vi.lib or instr.lib to source control even if they are to be excluded
371714Slow load time when adding a VI to the Exported VIs List for a DLL
371733Passing array data to a Formula Node may produce incorrect results or cause LabVIEW to crash.
372644Saving a VI that contains conditional tunnels for Previous Version in LabVIEW 2012 creates an uninitialized shift register
373150Error code 3 when running LabVIEW 64-bit applications using NI_AALBase.lvlib, that were installed with installers built in 64-bit LabVIEW Application Builder
373305Property: Mouse for 2D Picture controls returns incorrect values after using Invoke Method: Reinitialize to Default on the 2D Picture control
374828Updating a Library Icon and applying to existing VIs, removes custom icons from VIs
375307Compiler Error upgrading code with Shared Variables to LabVIEW 2012
375494Improved update rate of front panel control value references
376379Graphs and charts have slow performance with thick line style and large data range in LabVIEW 2012
377009Waveform Graph axis name labels not visible LabVIEW 2012
377164The Unlock file and folder attribute in an installer specification has no effect in LabVIEW 2012
381905LabVIEW Projects will not open from disk after a crash with autosaved VIs
381917Saving a VI can overwrite an LLB if file extensions are not displayed


Glossary of Terms


  • Bug ID - When an issue is reported to NI, you may be given this ID or find it on  You may also find IDs posted by NI on the discussion forums or in KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Legacy ID – An older issue ID that refers to the same issue.  You may instead find this issue ID in older known issues documents.
  • Description - A few sentences which describe the problem. The brief description given does not necessarily describe the problem in full detail.
  • Workaround - Possible ways to work around the problem.
  • Reported Version - The earliest version in which the issue was reported.
  • Resolved Version - Version in which the issue was resolved or was no longer applicable. "N/A" indicates that the issue has not been resolved.
  • Date Added - The date the issue was added to the document (not the reported date).