Validating Traction Inverter Controllers

Traction inverter design and validation engineers need to test hybrid and electric vehicle inverters for software and electrical functionality at the signal level with a closed loop simulator. Physical testing with a dynamometer is costly, limited in test coverage, and introduces potential safety concerns and risk to expensive test equipment. Combined with the challenge of rapidly evolving DUTs, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet aggressive time-to-market demands. 


  • Model-Based Development—Leverage existing design models to test traction inverters in simulation and avoid expensive lab testing
  • Model Accuracy—Co-simulate electro-mechanical, vehicle dynamics, and battery models in multiple time domains up to 4MHz for higher accuracy testing
  • Seamless Integration—Deploy quickly using existing third-party plant models, tools, and workflows in order to meet aggressive delivery schedules 
  • Comprehensive Testing—Fault insertion for opens and shorts in hardware as well as network messages in software
  • Repeatability and Reproducibility—Save test states and test configurations to put the tester back into a known state or configuration

NI Inverter Test System

  • Built on PXI Express and Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) hardware to provide a modular and scalable solution with tight synchronization
  • Real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) model simulation, control, and data acquisition through NI VeriStand application software
  • Integrate and run third-party electro-mechanical, battery, and vehicle models on Multifunction Reconfigurable FPGA hardware running circuit solvers at 1 MHz or faster loop rates
  • Monitor your test fleet, view and analyze large test data sets, and deploy batch updates from any web browser using SystemLink™ software
  • Reroute signals with ease and reduce the hassle and risk of managing large cable sets with built-in mass interconnects and bundled into an ATE Core Configuration

Solution Advantages

EV HIL Power Electronics Simulation Demo

Simulating inverters and motors using models running on FPGAs ensures more comprehensive test coverage.  See how NI and our partner, OPAL-RT, use our inverter test software and FPGA modelling tools to validate EV powertrain components in real time.

“By adopting FPGA-based simulation using the NI hardware and software platforms, we achieved the simulation speed and model fidelity required for verification of an electric motor ECU. We reduced test time to 1/20 of the estimated time for equivalent testing on a dynamometer."

-Tomohiro Morita, Senior Engineer, HEV Design Department, Subaru

Build Your Solution with the NI Ecosystem

NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.

NI Partner Network

OPAL-RT is the global NI Partner for integrating customized Inverter Test Systems into your existing workflows. They specialize in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and PHIL/FPGA-based real-time simulation through FPGA power electronics solvers that require little to no FPGA expertise from you.

Services and Support

NI partners with you throughout your application’s life cycle by delivering instructor-led and online Inverter Test System training, technical support, repair, and replacement. More comprehensive services include on-site and remote bring-up, as well as professional services ranging from integration engineering and methodology consulting to resident engineering.