Semiconductor Validation and Test Best Practices

Engineers are being tasked with developing more intricate devices in less time and at lower cost than ever before. NI wants to help you keep up with the pace of change in the industry by exploring best practices in the industry—from lab to production.

This page provides resources on industry trends that are driving the need for quicker time-to-market and recommendations on how connecting semiconductor workflows from validation to production can enable the next generation of product analytics.

How to Become an Engineering Powerhouse

As innovation drives increased complexity in chip development, being as efficient as possible is a critical way to meet deadlines. Learn how standardizing software allows teams to get started effectively and organizations to maximize IP globally—all while paving the way for product analytics.

Keeping Up with the Pace of Change

Implementing seemingly small best practices in semiconductor validation labs can have a big impact on overall project cost and timelines. Learn about the trends that are driving the need for lab optimization and real examples on the impact of modernizing the lab. The journey to modern labs can start anywhere.

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