Power Conversion

As the energy landscape shifts toward renewables, power systems are experiencing a paradigm shift. Power electronic converters must be smarter, more efficient, and more reliable to meet the demands of a complex and distributed power network.

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The effectiveness of your power converter is dependent on the capability of the control system. Whether you are challenged with extending the lifetime of your inverter, developing innovative techniques for grid stabilization, or staying up to date with the latest wide-bandgap technologies such as silicon carbide, your control system is at the heart of your project success. You can design, test, and deploy your power electronics control systems with the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution available. NI’s integrated and productive software toolchain accelerates development, while its rugged and validated hardware is built for long-term industrial deployment. Get your inverters to market faster with more features and less engineering expense and risk.

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Smart Grid Research Testbed

See how you can go from paper to prototype deployment in days with NI’s new open-source testbed solution for smart grid and microgrid research.