Onboard New Hires Faster and Improve Team Efficiency

A major challenge facing all aerospace and defense organizations is an aging workforce. In addition to the growing knowledge gap between new hires and multidecade veterans, the industry is also faced with a growing trend in talent turnover as younger generations enter the workforce. It is imperative to get new hires ramped up as quickly as possible to meet demanding business dynamics. 


Key challenges include: 


  • Veteran engineers are retiring, and new hires with less experience that turn over more frequently are replacing them, rendering the traditional development approach insufficient
  • There is a lack of understanding regarding current engineering resources, including skills, roles/responsibilities, and individual workflows
  • Essential talent improvement projects lack prioritization against ongoing work, contributing to ongoing inefficiencies
  • There is a lack of resources or expertise to manage the learning and development technical elements

People and Workflow Development Services

  • Create formal workflows and onboarding and development plans for personnel.
  • Evaluate your current state of engineering resources with a map-and-gap of your ideal state to identify key improvement areas.
  • Scope people and workflow investments and identify relevant project teams.
  • Leverage NI’s expertise in talent development to minimize the time it takes to get new engineers qualified and productive.  

Solution Advantages

“Our Automated Test Engineering team was able to achieve up to 60 percent code reuse for each automated test and reduce overall test development time by up to 9X. Using the NI certification program, coupled with in-house training, we were able to develop the skills necessary to produce robust, flexible code and maintain it across more than 200 test benches.”

–L3 Technologies

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