Minimize Cost of Technology Insertion and Migrations while Mitigating Risk

In the aerospace and defense industry, test-system life cycle often is measured in decades, but that of individual system hardware and software components is much shorter. Test engineers spend as much as 50 percent of their time (or even more, in some cases) actively dealing with obsolete hardware and software.


Key challenges include: 


  • Aging test equipment is increasing maintenance and support costs and cannot support evolving needs
  • Costs of updating equipment is not well understood compared to ballooning maintenance costs of existing equipment
  • Budget for migrating legacy systems can be difficult to justify
  • Organizations lack engineering resources or expertise to create and develop new test architectures

Technology Refresh and Migration Services

  • Modernize test equipment with a modular design and interoperable software compatibility.
  • Evaluate legacy designs and assess existing engineering resources to migrate technology. Quantify the ROI of updating or migrating test systems and evaluate against alternatives.
  • Develop scope and prioritize implementations. Deconstruct migration projects to allocate changes to specific programs or cost centers. 
  • Free up engineering resources and leverage NI expertise by outsourcing migration. 

Solution Advantages

“[Based upon a 15-year proactive management strategy], CACI [has] selected many NI instruments for the core of the CBATS test system based on the relationship with the company and the quality of its products. CACI’s relationship with NI has grown to a level of mutual trust as we work together to deliver high-quality, sustainable test solutions at affordable prices.”

–Paul Pankratz, CACI

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