NI Linux Technology

NI offers hardware and software products for use with a variety of Linux distributions and versions. The products span both desktop and embedded use cases and address the needs of those using Linux across academia and industry.

Build Rugged, Real-Time Linux Systems

NI created the NI Linux Real-Time OS, a new Linux distribution with industrial-grade, real-time capabilities. Intended for embedded systems, it offers real-time performance with the approachability and usability of a desktop OS. The NI Linux Real-Time OS is fully supported by the LabVIEW Real-Time Module.

Develop Embedded Systems Using C/C++

NI Linux Real-Time targets help you apply code from the Linux ecosystem; reuse in-house code; and develop, deploy, and debug C/C++ code using your IDE of choice.

Featured Content

NI Linux Real-Time Community

For those more familiar with Linux and looking to take advantage of the benefits of Linux alongside a LabVIEW Real-Time application, the NI Linux Real-Time Community offers practical how-to documentation and a forum for questions specifically about this OS.

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