The NI Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation provides a project-based learning experience using online measurements and practical, embedded design.

Last Time Buy, April 2025; NI Recommends Transitioning to Digilent for Teaching Hardware

NI will discontinue selling myDAQ Student Data Acquisition Device, myRIO Student Embedded Device, and NI Engineering Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) after April 2025. These products will continue to be supported until July 2027. NI recommends either securing remaining product stock or transitioning to Digilent for future teaching needs. Digilent offers a wide range of academic hardware for labs, classrooms, or projects.

Teach Students How to Innovate

Engineering students must see the concepts they are taught in the context of real systems to fully understand them. They must explore fundamental topics used in engineering systems, while working in teams, and apply them in practical designs quickly and effectively. With NI ELVIS, unite software, hardware, instrumentation, and control in a collaborative environment to prepare the next generation of engineers.

Simplify the Laboratory Workspace

Students can confidently measure faster and experiment more thoroughly using NI ELVIS, which combines the most important industrial-grade instruments into one intuitive solution. In this quick and practical video series, learn how the NI ELVIS instruments compliment your curriculum.

Expand Experimental Capabilities

NI ELVIS integrates data acquisition and control into every design challenge with 16 analog inputs, four analog outputs, and 40 digital I/O lines, all powered by a fully programmable Xilinx Zynq FPGA. With the flexibility to program how signals are sent, received, and processed, you have an ever-expanding set of experimental possibilities for authentic learning experiences.

Drive Student Collaboration

Reduce time to first measurement and build a lab environment where students work together to troubleshoot experiments with browser-based instrumentation. Students can access, view, and request control of NI ELVIS III instrumentation through a single web page which allows them to quickly take screenshots and save data for lab reports.

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Lab classes require more than just hardware and software. You also need the right course material and lab manuals that fit your curriculum. NI works with experts from education and industry to develop ready-to-run course materials that you can leverage as either complete works, individual classes, or a base for your own materials.

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