What is the Parametric Test System (PTS)?

PTS-48 Channels

NI PTS is a flexible, high-throughput semiconductor parametric test system based on the NI PXI platform. Through industry-leading channel density, parallelism, and measurement speed, the PTS helps users obtain faster insight into semiconductor process qualification data.

Why Choose NI for Parametric Testing?

Reduce Parametric Test Time

NI PTS offers up to 48 discrete channels of high-performance instrumentation to allow you to maximize test throughput and shorten the amount of time it takes to reach meaningful data insight. This massive parallelism and per-pin architecture comes without the requirement of a switch matrix, which protects signal integrity and ensures best-in-class measurement performance.

Modify Your System as Needs Change

With our modular PXI platform it is easy to scale and adapt systems to meet ever-changing demand.  NI offers PTS upgrade and expansion kits, so you can easily scale your systems as your needs change. In addition, NI PTS instrument support will grow over time, so our users can add modules without purchasing an entirely new system.

Select the option best for you

48 Channels


  • Maximum configuration 

  • 48 channels of precision SMU instrumentation 

  • Best choice for maximum leverage of per-pin parallelism

32 Channels


  • Middle configuration

  • 32 channels of precision SMU instrumentation

  • Upgrade kit to 48 channels available

16 Channels


  • Base configuration

  • 16 channels of precision SMU instrumentation

  • Upgrade kit to 32 channels available

  • Best entry point with option to upgrade 

Let's Talk about Other Parametric Test Options

If your needs aren't met by a standard NI PTS configuration, contact us. We can leverage the broad portfolio of instrumentation in our PXI platform to help you design a system to exactly meet your needs. 

Parametric Test Software for Reliability

WLR Test Software

WLR Test Soft Front Panel

Wafer-Level Reliability (WLR) Test Software leverages NI's PTS for wafer-level reliability testing and makes it simple to perform JEDEC-compliant stress tests like TDDB, HCI, BTI, and more—no coding required.  This software also provides LabVIEW, C#, and Python APIs for custom development use cases.

Product Support Resources

Parametric Test System Documentation

Our PTS documentation will tell you everything you need to know from system overview to system bring-up to maintenance and best practices.


PTS Documentation

PXIe-4135 SMU Specifications

Our PTS is powered by NI’s precision 4135 source-measure unit.


PXIe-4135 SMU Specifications

PXIe-1095 Chassis Specifications

The backbone of the PTS is NI’s high-performance PXIe-1095 chassis.


PXIe-1095 Chassis Specifications