How Do I Use G Web Development Software to Make Existing Applications Web-Ready?

With the SystemLink™ API included with G Web Development Software, you securely can share data between your web user interfaces and existing applications running LabVIEW, Python, and C#.

See What You Can Do with G Web Development Software

It’s easy to send your data from existing applications running on multiple devices to a web application created using G Web Development Software. With a web application, you and other stakeholders can more efficiently monitor the status and health of multiple sites without having to redevelop existing applications.

How G Web Development Software Can Help

Use the Included SystemLink API for Intuitive Data Communication

The SystemLink API is a prebuilt data communications API you can use to securely share data between multiple applications. You can read from or write to existing applications running LabVIEW, Python, or C# to publish data to a WebVI.

Easily Configure Security and Access Control for the NI Web Server

The included guided setup utility for the NI Web Server helps you easily configure and customize security and user access to share data between your WebVIs and existing applications.