What Is Vision Builder for Automated Inspection?

You can use Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI) to configure cameras, customize image analysis, and generate inspection results all without programming.

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Vision Builder AI is application software that helps you rapidly develop and deploy machine vision inspection systems. Using menu-driven development tools, you can configure cameras, customize image processing from hundreds of algorithms and inspection steps, interface with automation hardware, and generate inspection results.

Vision Builder AI Overview

You can use the menu-driven development tools in Vision Builder AI to connect and configure your camera, configure the image processing and analysis you need, and benchmark your inspection to ensure it meets your test requirements.

What Can You Do with Vision Builder for Automated Inspection?

Vision Builder AI provides a menu-driven workflow to help you build automated production and device validation systems. Explore the project below that most closely aligns to your application to learn more.

Inspect and Measure Products

Program production inspection and metrology faster with configurable algorithm engineering tools and intuitive camera and hardware integration.

Extend Systems With Automation Hardware and Application-Specific IP

Easily integrate your vision system with other automation hardware or image processing IP using the configurable hardware menus.

Subscription Benefits

Included Services

Every purchase includes access to features that help you be successful with your software:

  • Technical support from degreed engineers
  • Automatic version updates 
  • 24/7 access to selected online training and virtual demonstrations
  • Access to historical versions in case you need to share code with your team


Which Vision Builder AI License Is Right for My Project?

Vision Builder AI Development License

Develop Vision Software from a menu-driven configuration environment.

Vision Builder AI Run-Time License

Deploy Vision Inspections to production test and validation systems.

Not Sure Which License Type Is Right for You?

Contact us to learn more.

Building a More Complex System?

The Vision Development Module is a LabVIEW add-on that helps you integrate machine vision into larger applications, incorporate deep learning models, and leverage FPGA image processing. This add-on includes tools to configure cameras, customize image analysis, and generate results for production and validation tests.

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