How Do I Use Multisim™ to Teach Electronics?

Multisim™ software engages students and drives deeper comprehension in electronics courses. Students interactively learn electronics by connecting abstract concepts to concrete simulated signals using an extensive component library and powerful analysis tools.

Improve Student Comprehension With Simulation and Hardware Integration

Multisim™ software is the leading circuit simulator developed for students to learn analog, digital, and power electronics. Over 20 different interactive analyses correlate theory, simulation, and reality through seamless integration with hardware like the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation.


Enhance Existing Electronics Courses

Teaching resources developed by educators using Multisim™ improve how simulation aids theory and laboratory exercises. You can use these materials to rapidly integrate Multisim™ into your teaching approach.

Easily Integrate Simulation With Hardware

Traditionally, educators use circuit simulation software to compliment and confirm theory. Multisim™ uniquely expands the experience to any device and back to the laboratory by connecting simulation results with experimental measurements in one integrated interface with NI ELVIS.

Explore Circuit Design Online Resources

Multisim™ is a comprehensive simulation environment with over 55,000 manufacturer-verified devices, simulation and analysis tools, and easy integration to printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping and layout. Students can quickly understand advanced functionality with the online Circuit Design Technical Library.

Simulate Online With Multisim Live™

Multisim Live™ extends circuits education to the browser, providing a free online touch-optimized environment on any phone, tablet, or computer to simulate and collaborate. Thousands of Multisim Live™ public circuits complement the Multisim™ teaching approach, so students can learn anywhere, anytime.