How Do I Use Multisim™ to Analyze Circuit Behavior?

Multisim™ software connects theory to reality with easy-to-configure simulation and analysis tools to give students deeper insights into circuit behavior.

Accelerate Student Learning With Simulation and Analysis

Multisim™ software is a circuit simulator developed for students to learn analog, digital, and power electronics. Over 20 different interactive analyses correlate theory and reality with simulation and analysis tools proven to prepare students for authentic design challenges.


Start Learning Electronics in Minutes

Students can easily get started using the intuitive schematic interface in Multisim™ to select components, wire the schematic, and simulate a circuit in just a few minutes.

Explore Circuit Behavior Using Simulation-Driven Instruments

Students can use the included simulation-driven instruments to drive the circuit, measure the circuit’s behavior, and examine simulation results. These easy-to-configure instruments are set, used, and read just like their real-world equivalents.

Deepen Student Comprehension With Advanced Analysis

Students can easily perform a range of analyses, including AC Analysis, DC Operating Point, Fourier Analysis, Parameter Sweep, and 16 more.

Take Advantage of Free Online Teaching Resources

Online, interactive, mobile-friendy labs pair Multisim with important foundational concepts. Students work hands-on with both simulated and physical components, reinforcing the theory taught in lecture. Built-in quizzes guide the student through the lab to ensure proper understanding.

Simulate Online With Multisim Live™

Multisim Live™ extends circuits education to the browser, providing a free, online, touch-optimized environment on any phone, tablet, or computer to simulate and collaborate. Thousands of Multisim Live™ public circuits complement the Multisim™ teaching approach, so students can learn anywhere, anytime.