How Do I Use Multisim™ to Prototype Faster by Transferring My Schematic to PCB Layout?

Multisim™ software seamlessly integrates with Ultiboard™ software1 to create a fully synchronized environment that accelerates your printed circuit board (PCB) prototype development from schematic to layout. 

Save Cost and Prototype Better by Combining Multisim™ and Ultiboard™

You can reduce development time and PCB iterations with Multisim™ and Ultiboard™ software. Their seamless integration gives you the ability to complete circuit schematics, SPICE simulation, and PCB layout in the same environment.


Learn Best Practices for PCB Prototyping

Multisim™ software allows you to choose from 55,000 manufacturer-verified components, quickly capture your schematic, simulate and analyze (including cosimulation with LabVIEW), and lay out your PCB prototype, all in one integrated environment.

Verify Footprint Mappings and Land Pattern Dimensions

Verification assures that pin mappings and land pattern dimensions are accurate and based on manufacturer’s specifications. It’s an essential part of the design process where you can catch errors early to save hours of rework and PCB prototype iterations.

Take Advantage of Faster Layout and Routing Tools

Ultiboard™ PCB layout and routing software integrates tightly with the Multisim™ schematic capture and simulation software to form a complete, end-to-end PCB prototyping solution.

Automatically Transfer Design Changes from Schematic to Layout and From Layout to Schematic

You can annotate changes from one form of the design to the other thanks to the integration between Multisim™ and Ultiboard™. Forward annotate from Multisim™ to Ultiboard™ and back annotate from Ultiboard™ to Multisim™.

Use Hierarchical Blocks to Repeat Common Circuits and Subcircuits

Hierarchical blocks, both in Multisim™ and Ultiboard™, modularize your design. Easily create reusable subcircuits both at the schematic and PCB layout stages.

1 Ultiboard™ is printed circuit board design and layout software that integrates seamlessly with Multisim™ to accelerate PCB prototype development. You must purchase Ultiboard™ software separately.