How Do I Use Multisim™ to Perform Advanced Analysis on My Circuit Design?

Multisim™ software offers 20 easy-to-configure advanced analyses to help you identify limits and design inefficiencies early to reduce costly prototype iterations.

Complete Advanced Circuit Analysis Earlier in the Design Flow

You can more completely understand the behavior of your circuit components and overall design earlier in the design process with 20 advanced analyses in Multisim™ software.


Start Designing and Verifying Your Circuit in Minutes

Learn to capture, simulate, and lay out your circuit in just a few minutes. Verify as you go with more than 30 simulated benchtop instruments.

Verify Noise Effects With Noise Analysis

Use a linearized version of the circuit to easily complete small signal analysis at discrete frequencies. With Noise Analysis, the signal generators are invisible noise sources attached to every noise-generating element in the circuit.

Verify Temperature Effects With Temperature Sweep Analysis

Simulate your circuit at different temperatures to quickly verify its operation. With Temperature Sweep Analysis, you can define the temperature values to sweep and the type of analysis to run at the various swept temperatures.

Determine the Right Component Combination With Parameter Sweep Analysis

Verify circuit operation by simulating across a range of values for a component parameter. With Parameter Sweep Analysis, you control the parameter values by choosing a start value, end value, sweep type, and the desired increment value.

Get the Circuit Insights You Need With 20 Advanced Analyses

Fully understand your circuit design before your first PCB prototype with 17 more analyses like DC Operating Point, AC Sweep, Monte Carlo, and Worst Case.

Accelerate Development With Faster Learning

You can learn on your own or from a qualified instructor to increase your productivity. On-demand online training is included as part of our software services, or you can register for virtual courses or on-site classroom-style instruction.