Select Your Measurement Studio Edition

Measurement Studio editions expand the functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio to meet the user interface, hardware connectivity, and analysis needs of engineers. Select your edition to meet your .NET development needs, or consider purchasing one of our software suites.

This table compares the editions you can use if you are developing new software applications. Debug and deployment licenses are also available so that you can resolve issues with production systems and applications.

 Measurement Studio Standard EditionMeasurement Studio Professional EditionMeasurement Studio Enterprise Edition
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Key differentiators
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017, and 2019
  • Project setup wizard to speed up development
  • Engineering controls for creating Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications
  • Recommended for data acquisition and instrument control applications
  • Installer Builder for building applications
  • Professional Analysis class library for array operations, signal generation, windowing, filters, and signal processing
  • Recommended for signal processing and sharing data via network variables
  • Required for creating ASP.NET web applications
  • Enterprise Analysis class library for spectral measurements, linear algebra, statistics, and curve fitting
  • Recommended for advanced data analysis applications
Windows Presentation Foundation Controls   
Windows Forms Controls   
3D Graph ActiveX Control  
Windows Presentation Foundation Mixed Graph Control  
Windows Presentation Foundation Writeable Graph Control  
ASP.NET Web Form Controls  
User Interface Network Variable Binding  
Analysis Class Library
Signal GenerationPartialPartial 
Array and Numeric Operations  
Signal ProcessingPartial 
Linear AlgebraPartial 
Curve FittingPartial 
Special Functions 
Driver Class Libraries and APIs
NI-488.2 Class Library1   
NI-VISA Class Library1   
NI-DAQmx Class Library1   
Network Variable Class Library  
Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) Class Library  
DataSocket API  
Assistants and Wizards
Project Wizards   
Instrument Driver .NET Wizard   
Installer Builder  
Parameter Assistant  
DAQ Assistant  

1Included with the NI device driver software (does not require Measurement Studio). 

Debug and Deployment License for Measurement Studio

You can use the Measurement Studio debug deployment license to fix issues on an application or system that was previously created with one of the development licenses shown in the preceding table.

This debug and deployment license activates your edition of Measurement Studio Development System.


Debug and deployment licenses are sold as perpetual licenses that include a one-year Standard Service Program (SSP) agreement.