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The Semiconductor Device Control Add-on for InstrumentStudio is a software add-on that helps you perform interactive register read/write operations. Choose the edition that best meets your needs.



 Semiconductor Device Control BaseSemiconductor Device Control Professional
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RecommendationsRecommended for individuals using interactive register read/write operations using standard digital protocols, such as MIPI I3C, I2C, SPI, or RFFERecommended for developers looking to create and implement custom digital protocols and interfaces for custom hardware
Key differentiators
  • Includes support for NI-845x I2C/SPI devices and PXI-657x Digital Pattern Instruments
  • Includes support for custom protocols created in Pro edition
  • Includes Pro Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Includes .NET and Digital Pattern Editor (DPE) templates for adding new protocols to PXI-657x hardware
  • Required for creating custom protocols and hardware interfaces
Semiconductor Device Control Add-on for InstrumentStudio                                                                                         
SDC InstrumentStudio Register Map Peek & Poke Capabilities  
Scripting features  
Language API support  
TestStand support    
Native support for NI-845x I2C/SPI devices  
Native support for PXI-657x Digital Pattern Instruments  
Native support for PXI-657x Digital Pattern Instrument RFIC functions  
Development environment to add new protocols to PXI-657x Digital Pattern Instruments using .NET and DPE templates  
Includes SDK for custom hardware interface and protocols for corresponding hardware 
Support for new interface and protocols created using the development environment