How Do I Leverage a Centralized Command Center with the SystemLink™ Test Module?

The SystemLink Test Module improves situational awareness and transforms root cause analysis with centralized data aggregation, customizable dashboards, and automated reporting.

Shows a single web dashboard with test metrics and results.

See What You Can Do with the SystemLink Test Module

Eliminate bottlenecks and empower workers with real-time, ready-to-use reports for overall equipment efficiency (OEE), failure Pareto, throughput, and failure rate. Address your specific needs with adaptable and intelligent Jupyter notebooks. In addition, you can centrally monitor tests and track trends with the SystemLink Test Module.

HOW THE SystemLink Test Module CAN HELP

Monitor Tests in Real Time

In a centralized dashboard, you can track tests running on distributed test stations in real time. With the SystemLink Test Module, receive proactive notifications when tests fail and when KPIs such as first pass yield, throughput, and failure rate fall below acceptable thresholds.

Leverage Email Notifications to Stay Informed

With the SystemLink Test Module, you can configure TestStand steps to send an email notification based on specific conditions. You can view and analyze test results in SystemLink software through links contained in the notifications.

Generate and Update Reports Automatically

The SystemLink Test Module aggregates test data for you, enabling you to dive into automatically generated reports for overall equipment efficiency (OEE), failure Pareto, throughput, and more that update as tests execute.