How Do I Search and Manage Measurement Data with the SystemLink™ TDM DataFinder Module?

In many organizations, data is stored in different formats, types, and locations. The SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module helps you search, access, and manage all measurement data anywhere on the network.

Displays configuration windows for indexing measurement files and for standardizing data

See What You Can Do with the SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module

As the data you acquire grows exponentially, you and your team may have difficulty finding what you're looking for. When making data-informed decisions is paramount, the SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module automatically builds and maintains a centralized index of your data that is searchable and accessible by all authorized team members. You can leverage the SystemLink software web application for parametric or Google-like searching that scales to large deployments worldwide. Using the SystemLink TDM Data Preparation Add-On, you can standardize your data and enhance findability, ensure consistency, and prepare data for analysis.

HOW THE SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module CAN HELP

Automatically Prepare Your Data from Multiple Sources for Queries and Analysis

Data from various sources may use different units and/or syntax, making it difficult to correlate. You can automatically standardize metadata, verify data quality, and convert to the Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) file format to ensure data is consistent regardless of origin.

Quickly Access and Search a Single Source of Truth

The SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module provides normalized and centralized data that the entire team can easily access, eliminating the risk of erroneous and inconsistent data while deriving insights from a single source of truth.

Scale Data Access and Searching to Global Teams

Backed by industry-standard technology, the SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module can handle terabytes of data. You can set up a virtual or federated repository so that your global team can store and retrieve data from multiple noncontiguous repositories with a single request. You can create your own or connect to existing ASAM ODS servers.

Ensure Data Security and Configure Permissions

The SystemLink TDM DataFinder Module provides built-in permission-based security that easily integrates with Microsoft Active Directory.