How Do I Maximize the Return on My Hardware Investment with the SystemLink™ Asset Module?

The SystemLink Asset Module helps you understand which assets are used the most so you can reallocate resources appropriately to prioritize purchasing decisions. Track configurations as assets move across systems to repurpose underutilized assets.

Shows SystemLink Asset dashboard and highlights the connection history report.

See What You Can Do with the SystemLink Asset Module

Test departments often struggle to manually document and track test asset usage and location. With the SystemLink Asset Module, you can automatically track test asset connection and utilization history. With out-of-the-box reports, dashboards, and detailed tracking information you can enhance the visibility of asset usage to make data informed decisions when procuring hardware.

HOW THE SystemLink Asset Module CAN HELP

Quickly Locate Underutilized Assets

You can use centralized dashboards and out-of-the-box reports to easily track down your underutilized assets. View connection state, utilization, and connection history for all of your test assets connected to the SystemLink Server to achieve optimal situational awareness.

Repurpose Valuable Test Assets

You can determine when systems are being used for configuration, test, and debug with API-driven inputs from test stations. You can view interactive reports in the SystemLink Asset Manager application and repurpose underutilized assets to maximize your investment.

Generate Asset Reports

You can create detailed reports about your assets using predefined Jupyter notebooks that install with the SystemLink Asset Module and you can customize them to fit your specific needs.