How Do I Use DIAdem to Standardize My Team's Analysis and Reporting Procedures?

DIAdem helps you standardize measurement data post-processing tasks across your team with the ability to share custom formulas and report templates, reusable automated scripts, and the capacity to seamlessly scale to the server when needs grow.

See What You Can Do With DIAdem

Standardize your team's measurement data post-processing with DIAdem to increase the confidence in the quality of results while decreasing the time the team spends processing data. With DIAdem, you can share and load custom formulas and report templates created by domain experts, reuse scripts to automate everyone's data workflows, and seamlessly scale to server products when your team's or organization's needs grow.


Create Custom Formulas and Report Templates Everyone Can Use

Domain Experts and others can use DIAdem to create custom formulas and report templates that other DIAdem users can load and reuse so that the whole team can be confident in the quality of their analysis and easily share findings with standardized report templates.

Automate the Entire Team's Data Post-Processing Workflows 

Create scripts with DIAdem to automate your measurement data post-processing workflows. Share these scripts with other DIAdem users so the whole team can script their data post-processing tasks, drive efficiency, and reduce the time it takes to post-process test results.

Seamlessly Scale Automated Analysis and Reporting With the Team's Needs

Scale your automated measurement data post-processing with your team's needs. Use DIAdem's seamless integration with SystemLink™ server-side software, which includes DataFinder Server and Analysis Server for team-wide data search and automated data analysis and reporting.