How Do I Use DIAdem to Investigate the Behavior of Electromechanical Systems?

DIAdem helps you investigate electromechanical systems to confidently understand their behavior. You can find your data, understand it, and analyze it. Then communicate your decisions through reports.

See What You Can Do With DIAdem

Quickly search for and pull together diverse sensor data from various sources using DIAdem. After the data's loaded, synchronize and play it back to understand relationships. Derive insights from your data using the included engineering-specific analysis functions or write your own custom formulas. Communicate your findings by creating professional reports with a simple drag-and-drop report editor and multiple export formats.


Quickly Pull Together Diverse Sensor Data From Various Sources

DIAdem features an integrated data search tool that removes the inefficiencies of manually searching for data from different sources. Use simple or complex search queries to quickly find and load data from multiple files regardless of file format or whether located locally or on the network. 

Synchronize and Play Back Data to Understand the Full Picture

See how data from the entire system interacts using DIAdem. Easily view sensor data from multiple channels side by side for comparison and add video and GPS data for context. Synchronize and play back everything to understand the full picture.

Transform Your Data With Engineering-Specific Analysis Functions

Use the built-in engineering-specific analysis functions or your own custom formulas in DIAdem to transform your data into insights. Analysis functions are set up with a simple point-and-click interface and your results are stored in separate channels, leaving your raw data untouched. 

Communicate Your Findings With Professional Reports

Easily create professional, customized report templates using the drag-and-drop editor in DIAdem. Export your reports to popular formats like PDF, HTML, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Reuse your templates with new data sets to create standardized and consistent reports for your team.