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How Do I Use the Vision Development Module to Perform High-Speed Image Processing Using FPGAs?

Achieve high production throughput and deterministic control with the FPGA image processing IP included in the Vision Development Module.

See What You Can Do With the Vision Development Module

Customize high-speed image processing and control with over 40 FPGA image processing algorithms. Use the graphical development environment within LabVIEW to quickly deploy high-speed, deterministic image processing and control to the production floor.


Easily Configure Camera for FPGA Image Streaming

Choose the right streaming method whether you want to perform all your processing on the FPGA or split tasks between the FPGA and CPU.

Use High-Speed, High-Throughput Algorithms on the FPGA

Customize the IP you need with over 40 FPGA algorithms to start programming high-speed image processing on your FPGA.

Integrate Inspection Results Into High-Speed Control Loops

Provide high-speed analog or digital outputs to control other test hardware based on inspection results by integrating with other NI hardware.