​Accelerate Your Aerospace System Testing with STAR-GOAT by JKI​

Aerospace physical test systems—especially rocket propulsion testing—require a combination of scalable data acquisition, flexible monitoring, and real-time control systems that can handle extreme environments. Test engineers today need solutions that can be extended with new measurement types, customized data displays, and robust control algorithms without a lot of programming.


  • Turnkey functionality including data logging, control, data visualization, and test sequencing
  • Robust real-time control in demanding environments
  • Customizable user interfaces and test types to meet specific test and data needs



  • Scalable system architecture capable of expanding to hundreds of channels, all managed through a consistent and intuitive software interface
  • Consistent user experience across applications of varying scales, whether using NI CompactRIO or PXI modular hardware
  • High determinism and fast events response through the support of NI Linux Real-Time OS  
  • Software customization options to meet specific customer requirements or feature needs

Watch an Overview of STAR-GOAT

Data Acquisition and Control from JKI

STAR-GOAT is a powerful data acquisition, monitoring, and control solution, designed originally for real-time rocket engine test and control, with plug-in flexibility to scale to many applications.

NI Partner Network

JKI is an NI Partner Network solutions partner and part of a global community of domain, application, and overall test development experts working closely with NI to meet the needs of the engineering community. JKI’s certified NI LabVIEW architects help engineers and scientists quickly build advanced systems to bring their innovations to life and make a difference to their customers.

Services and Support

JKI provides customized plug-ins for STAR-GOAT to meet your technology needs, specific deployment services to get your solution up and running as quickly as possible, and ongoing system support to reduce the risk of downtime over the lifetime of the test solution.

An NI Partner is a business entity independent from NI and has no agency or joint-venture relationship and does not form part of any business associations with NI.