All-in-One Infotainment Test Solution (AST-1000) by Averna

Infotainment systems must seamlessly interoperate with dozens of entertainment, navigation, communication, and safety technologies; comply with many global standards; and deliver an excellent user experience. This creates many challenges for developers and OEMs. Using an all-in-one solution offers quick and comprehensive system validation as well as tools for functional and end-of-life testing. The AST-1000 provides a flexible, all-in-one integrated solution so engineers can:


  • Build on and support global infotainment standards for all common broadcast GNSS, radio, video, navigation, and connectivity technologies
  • Conduct multi-standard stress testing in the lab
  • Accelerate manufacturing test deployment

Solution Overview

  • Use a complete set of automation and productivity tools powered by NI TestStand and PXI modular instrumentation
  • Enjoy an easy-to-use API with any programming language, including NI LabVIEW and LabWindows™/CVI
  • Handle automotive bus and communication protocols such as CAN, USB, analog and digital I/O, wireless, and Bluetooth

AST-1000 All-In-One RF Signal Source for Infotainment

See an overview of the all-in-one signal source for infotainment, with real-world examples and a demonstration. Mr. Jecz - Averna’s Director of Innovation shows how simple infotainment testing can be to ensure quality and accelerate time to market.

“By combining the benefits of the AST-1000 and the NI platform, our global automotive OEM client has standardized on a common test platform, covered all global wireless broadcast and connectivity testing standards, and increased test coverage.”

Jean-Levy Beaudoin, Vice President of Platforms & Innovation, Averna

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Averna is an NI Partner Network solutions partner offering test solutions for communications and electronics device makers worldwide in the aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, transportation, and life sciences industries. The company helps customers accelerate product development and reduce manufacturing costs.

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