A Guide to Smart Test Trends

From the initial rollout of 5G technologies to the accelerating race to vehicle autonomy, organizations need smarter test strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Download the Automated Test Outlook (ATO) 2018 to see the latest trends impacting automated test.

Automated Test Outlook 2018

Securing Your Test System

In today’s digital age, a compromised test system can wreak havoc on an organization’s reputation and revenue, but securing test systems is not so easy. If you need to secure your test systems, but aren’t sure where to begin, this three-phase approach will help you get started.

Testing Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles

Discover how test engineers must overcome evolving sensor technologies and synchronization challenges to deliver the autonomous vehicles of the not-so-distant future.

Standardizing the Test Lab

Learn how measurement automation, device-under-test fixturing, hardware abstraction layers, and shared software libraries are showing up in lab settings to help organizations maximize quality and repeatability.

Secrets of High-Performing Test Teams

For engineering teams, inefficiency shows up as debug costs, maintenance costs, quality issues, inaccurate project estimates, and missed deadlines. Review these best practices from a five-year study on high-performing test organizations.

The Test Implications of Packaging Innovation

System-in-package technologies are making a significant impact on the electronics supply chain as the semiconductor industry strives to meet the perpetual demand for higher performance, smaller size, and lower cost. Learn how automated test strategies must evolve to keep pace.

Testing Before the Standard

Although waiting for a wireless standard to be completed before beginning work in R&D might be tempting, waiting is a sure way to miss a market window. Instead, get ahead of the development schedule with this insight into standard and flexible design and test tools.