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The NI Semiconductor Test System (STS) is a production-ready ATE offering for RF and mixed-signal semiconductor devices. Download the solution flyers to learn how STS can help you accelerate time to market and reduce test costs.

RF Front-End Manufacturing Test Solution
Wireless chipmakers often face intense time-to-market pressure, and test throughput is critical for quickly releasing devices to market. STS provides significant test time and throughput advantages over traditional ATE options. NI’s heavy involvement in lab applications translates to strong experience with the latest wireless standards, such as 5G NR. NI offers significant IP and cutting-edge instrumentation with industry-leading bandwidth that accelerates the production test development and deployment process.

IoT Device Manufacturing Test Solution
The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has increased the diversity and volume of IoT semiconductor devices with a cost-optimized price point. These devices can be difficult to address with traditional ATE solutions. STS provides a flexible production test solution that can scale up to meet expanding production volumes or scale down to meet constricting budgets.

Mixed-Signal IC Manufacturing Test Solution
Testing typical and corner-case devices across a diverse mixed-signal portfolio often leads to a broad range of test requirements. STS offers a flexible production test solution that can scale up to meet expanding test requirements or scale down to meet tight budgets.

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